Maple Syrup: Not Just For Pancakes Anymore

I grew up with maple-flavored syrup. I think the brand we stocked in our pantry was Log Cabin, which had that New England old-timey-feel, but none of the sincerity of the real thing. At one time, I do recall having some sort of diet “maple syrup” in the house, which meant it was probably saccharine-flavored. Why do I mention this bit of personal lore? Because real maple syrup is well worth the ticket price, and until you have had the real thing, you have no flippin’ idea how good it could be.

While there is not a thing wrong with pouring real maple syrup on your pancakes and waffles, you would be cheating yourself if you stopped there. The other day I poured a bit of maple syrup into oatmeal cookie batter, and poured a tablespoon into some breakfast polenta. But as sweet and wonderful, and not to mention relatively nutritious (with a relatively high mineral content compared to sugar) maple syrup can be, it is also fairly versatile.

I was reminded of this fact when I stumbled upon Leah Koenig’s brief memory piece with recipes about maple syrup on Most people think of maple syrup being utilized in sweet, not savory, dishes. And as it does sufficiently sweeten anything it touches, it also adds dimension. Koenig provides links to such recipes as maple syrup roasted tomatoes and wild rice soup with maple syrup, but Brussels sprouts and maple syrup make a winning combination, as do butternut squash, thyme and maple syrup. Maple syrup works well with various Asian cuisines, as it caramelizes and adds flavor, not just sweetness. And maple syrup works exceptionally well in cocktails, especially brandy cocktails.

What are some of your favorite applications of maple syrup? Are you a traditionalist or do you exploit its every possible use?

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Jennifer Chomiak
Jennifer Chomiak5 years ago

Yum! I am totally going to add maple syrup to other things than just my pancakes & waffles. :)

Penny B.
.5 years ago

Will start buying the real maple syrup from now on! Thanks.

Emelie Hangsel
Past Member 5 years ago

Mmmm!! I've never tasted maple syrup but it looks really good :-)

Kate S.
Kate S5 years ago


Barbara D.
Past Member 5 years ago

Good stuff, maple syrup!! I use a lot of it and it makef for the best pecan pie this side of Texas!

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M5 years ago

Thank you for this post Eric, also june t. for even more information.
I love the real syrup - Maple Syrup.

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey5 years ago

The photo of the pancakes with real maple syrup, makes me yearn for the waffles we used to make on the weekend.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

Loooove maple syrup!

Jennifer L.
Jennifer L5 years ago

I usually use it in oatmeal for sweetness. I have tried it in a brussel sprouts recipe... it was a food & wine recipe, and it turned out fantastic! You couldn't taste the syrup, but the flavor was very complex, and I'm sure it added to that.