Meadow of the Soul

As the world seems to become an increasingly hectic place it is becoming more prudent for us to find a place of sanctuary inside ourselves. A space to center ourselves and find peace, balance, and understanding when such a place may not be immediately available in our physical environment. This haven is, however, always available to us in our internal environment, if we choose to search for and maintain it.

Each human has been given an infinitely generous gift from the universe; the gift of a life capable of immense consciousness. Consider that as a part of this gift, we are each presented an inner space with which to cultivate what we wish to share with the world. This is the Meadow of the Soul, in which we have the opportunity to grow an abundance of flowers.

This is a place where we can retreat to find peace and to manifest the way in which we may spread peace to others. Most of us have experienced this place of warmth, openness, and welcoming emanating from our most true self.

This meadow in each of our centers has the same potential for great beauty as every other. Equipped from the start with everything necessary for growth to begin, we are given no gardening manual. The knowledge of how to grow this garden is already inside us. Our part to play is choosing what elements may enter this space and which plants or energies we choose to cultivate within its infinite bounds.

The flowers we may or may not choose to grow here are what we offer to the world. These are the gifts of love we create within ourselves to release into the world around us. The flowers present in the meadow are there to be picked, to be given freely to those surrounding us.

With unsurpassable admiration, sing to the meadow, and to the flowers, tend to them with your chi, touch each petal as it unfurls with the utmost tenderness. Endow the meadow with all of the cosmic love that courses through you.

There is no need to hoard these flowers because there is no limit to their numbers. There is constantly an infinite amount of energy available to us with which to give life to any type of flower we choose to nurse into being in our hearts.

Kept inside us too long, these flowers do us no good. In giving a flower, what is gained by the giver and receiver is indescribable. It is the process of giving a piece of your energy and your essence to everyone you come in contact with.

This feeling of sharing the love of the universe is only available when the gift is given not out of obligation or the desire to change a person’s opinion of you. In order to be received, it must be given freely, selflessly, generously, and simply for the sake of giving in itself. For no ulterior reason than to allow each of the infinite flowers available within us to reach their full potential, which is to be given with love and received with love

Cultivating these metaphorical flowers is not a chore, or a task to be considered arduous and inconvenient to any extent. The ability to receive energy from the endless wellspring available both within and outside us simply by opening ourselves to it, and to use this energy in order to cultivate positivity and love effortlessly, is a splendid gift.

When in a situation causing dissonance of the soul, return to this place. This meadow is pure and its beauty and bounty are infinite, for it is all a part of you. Relax and feel the soft grass caress you, the breeze ruffle your hair, and the birds’ sweet notes tickle your ears. Look around you at all of the vibrant colors of the rainbow, available for you to paint and play with.

See too the flowers that surround you, unending. Every one is perfect in itself, unique, yet one with the others around it. Each grown from the nutrients you have put in the soil throughout your life. Take the time to cultivate each flower with love and bask in these infinite gifts of energies that have been given to you, and offer you peace. Protect the meadow and every single flower, each one a joy to plant, help grow, and especially give.

To pick these flowers is not to destroy them, but to let them reach their potential. Once one is given, many more flowers will grow, adding new knowledge and love to the meadow of your heart center.

It is a profound realization that such pure and divine joy and connectedness can be gained by receiving the gift of unlimited prana from the universe and allowing this joy and connectedness itself to transform this prana into a present to once again be given.

Feel this endless spiraling cycle of love between you and the universe within each flower. Feel the immense power of the universal love and peace that connects and flows among all things, and constantly through you. Embrace this gift, and embrace the spiritual bliss of cultivating the meadow of the soul.


Karen Gee4 years ago

Thank you for sharing

Libby Connor
L Connor5 years ago

Great thanks! Will share on FB.

Silas Garrett
Silas Garrett5 years ago

I choose to see it rather than picking of flowers as sharing your flowers in another meadow, so that new and different flowers will bloom in your and other people's meadows as you interact and give lovingly to each other.

Huber F.
Huber F5 years ago

When do you write again?



John B.
John B5 years ago

Thank you for the article.

heather g.
heather g5 years ago

Thank you Laura Shults for that inspired writing and for inspiring all these readers. This is the type of writing I would like to read every day.

It would be wonderful if you could collect your thoughts with a view to publishing a booklet to be used and read as short daily guidance. It would serve to awaken us to the beauty of our inner lives. What you write uplifts us and focuses us on the wonder of life. Your words almost serve to polish a little dull light burning inside us so that we can greet the new day glowing with love. Thank you....

Carmen S.
Carmen S5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this inspiring and beautiful article

Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you.....beautiful article!

Shirley E.
Shirley E5 years ago

What a beautiful word picture. Glorious imagery, every reader will benefit.

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leslie c5 years ago

Thanks for the lovely article!