6 Meatless BBQ Recipes

Frankie’s Vegan Spare Ribs
This recipe sounds tasty, and not too complicated. The meat substitute is seitan. It does call for a food processor, and about an hour of total baking time, which is not too bad. There is a BBQ sauce recipe that goes with the ribs.

Carolina-style Barbeque Sandwiches
From Vegetarian Times, this one I would like to try, but it calls for a lot of cider vinegar. In fact, in the comments section, most said it was too much and they reduced it, “I just made this recipe and after reading the above posting I reduced the apple vinegar to around 1/4 C.” The sauce is supposed to be tangy, and mustardy. The sandwich uses seitan as the protein source. (If you want the sweeter Kansas City BBQ sauce, here is a recipe for Big Al’s K.C. sauce.)

Sweet and Spicy Barbeque Tofu
A simple but appealing recipe for comes from About.com. The only issue I see is the call for 3/4 cup brown sugar. That seems like too much, and could be reduced to maybe 1/4. Also it mentions using 3/4 cup orange juice concentrate, which could be enough sweetness by itself. Marinating takes 2 hours, but everything else is quick.

Eggplant BBQ with Fresh Chive Vinaigrette
This recipe sounds the most original. It also doesn’t require much time. When can you say you last barbequed an eggplant?

Brazilian Beach Skewers
For people who do eat cheese, there is an intriguing recipe using Halloumi, which is a middle eastern cheese usually only made from goat and sheep milk. You can probably get it at a middle eastern grocery store, and some supermarkets might carry it. (A simple recipe once you have acquired the Halloumi.)

BBQ Seitan Ribs
SusanV of the FatFree Vegan Kitchen blog has a recipe for ribs that sounds good, though it is not entirely fat free. This one requires you have your own sauce. She says it is easy to make, but the recipe requires something called liquid smoke.

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