Meatless Diets Keep Oscar Nominees Red Carpet Ready

Oscar night is the biggest red carpet night of the year and it is only a few days away. Celebrities of every caliber can’t wait to show their most stylish outfits on the red carpet in their fittest bodies. While some stars are detoxing, maybe with the Master Cleanse, other celebrities are sticking to a healthy diet and workout routine. Others so much so they give up meat entirely.

Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain, who is nominated for Zero Dark Thirty, is a devoted vegan. PETA even named Jessica as one of the sexiest vegans for 2012. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, she said, “I used to think about dieting, but I’m a vegan now, so it’s not really a problem.”

Another nominee who ditches meat is Anne Hathaway, whose weight has been catching the attention of the media ever since she started filming Les Miserables. The actress lost 16 pounds in over three weeks and is said to have followed a 500-calorie diet. Anne had to put herself on an absurd diet to play the thin prostitute Fantine in Les Mis. After filming was over, Anne went back to her vegetarian diet and is looking healthy and fit as ever.

Another Oscar nominee who does not eat meat is Naomi Watts, who is nominated for her role in Impossible. Naomi has been spotted at restaurants with meat-free menus, supporting vegan and vegetarian eats. In an interview with Australia’s Body and Soul, the actress said, “If I try to put myself on diets – which I did a lot in my 20s – I end up breaking them and craving foods that I wouldn’t normally eat.” Naomi says she tries to have her favorite types of food in moderation so she doesn’t overeat fatty foods.

Healthy vegan and vegetarian diets are beneficial to Jessica, Anne and Naomi because it keeps them in shape and healthy for any red carpet event. Meatless eaters tend to eat fewer calories and much less fat, weigh less and have a lower BMI than their meat-eating counterparts. These factors are reasons why vegan and vegetarian celebrities are always in tip top shape and are ready for the red carpet at any moment.

Not only are Jessica, Anne and Naomi eating a healthy meatless diet, they are physically active, too. Naomi loves riding bikes with her family, doing yoga and pilates and is an avid jogger. Anne loves practicing martial arts and yoga. Jessica is also an avid yogi and wakes up every morning at 5:30 to workout, according to FitSugar.

Other vegans and vegetarians who might be on the red carpet include Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, Kate Winslet and Casey Affleck.


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Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen4 years ago

Nicole B. from what I gather. it has nothing to do with it. never ever. one can be lazy and just sit and watch tv or do video games and be a whole foods raw organic vegan, and always be sleek and sexy with good skin and fitness.

Nicole Bergeron
Nicole Bergeron4 years ago

Their exercise regime probably plays a bigger role then their diet, because if they were just vegan/vegetarian with no exercise who know how they would actually turn out. There are plenty of omnivores actors/actresses that have a good exercise regime, are fit, and are "red carpet ready".
Just because a certain diet works for some famous people, doesn't mean it will work for everyone. And when I say diet I am including an omnivore diet, a carnivore diet, a herbivore diet, a fruitarian (sp?) diet, and every other form of diet out there. Consult your doctor, do your research, get check ups to make sure you are getting everything you need (I am an omnivore and I try and get a yearly blood draw to see if I need to increase any vitamin/mineral in my diet, so far I am in the green for all of them), and most importantly listen to your body. And no matter what your diet is: exercise.

Colleen W.
Colleen W4 years ago

Botox under the arms??? Eeeekkkkk....

Anna Undebeck
Anna Undebeck4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Robby R.
Robby R4 years ago


N Scerri
Natalie S4 years ago

Good for them but I bet it's not just meat or meat products that they give up :). I'm not vegetarian or vegan and I have a sweet tooth; still, I cannot complain about my shape and weight. As always, the trick is moderation both in terms of food consumed and portion sizes, plus a regular dose of exercise even if it's just walking at a moderate pace.

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B4 years ago

Apparently they also have liposuction of their shoulders and botox under their arms poor things.. (The Guardian) Of course this is only the women. the men get to cover up in suits.

Helga Balague
Helga Balagué4 years ago

All they look gorgeous :) Anna, FAB!

Sheila L.
Sheila Swan L4 years ago

Although I don't really care what movie stars eat because of their status as * -- I do think it is a good example for young women especially so they don't go on dangerous paths to slender.
It would be good if these women would do some interviews about their food intake/sans meat.

Sheri P.
Sheri P4 years ago