Mercury-free Thermometers

To this day I remember how fun it was as a child to play with
the ball of mercury that was rolling around on the floor
after the glass fever thermometer broke. I was sad when it
finally got lost somewhere. Now that I know how toxic mercury
is to practically every organ system of the body, including the
brain, it is a wonder I am still alive and able to think. Now,
Minnesota is leading the way to ban sales of mercury thermometers.

Disposal of thermometers is a major source of mercury emissions,
according to Health Care Without Harm, an international
coalition concerned about the environmental impacts of
health care. In praising the Minnesota law they note that,

“Once mercury enters the environment, microorganisms in lakes
and rivers convert it to the more toxic methylmercury, where
it builds up in fish and wildlife. … Most human exposure to
mercury comes through eating fish. Pregnant women, women of
childbearing age, and young children are particularly at risk
from mercury exposure. In fact, the National Academy of Sciences
noted in a recent report that more than 60,000 children annually
may be at risk for learning disabilities because of
mercury-contaminated fish eaten by their mothers during pregnancy.
Over 90% of the Minnesota lakes and rivers that have been tested
receive fish consumption advisories due to mercury contamination,
totaling over 800 in 2000.”

What You Can Do:
Retailers and pharmacy chains that only sell mercury-free
Thermometers as of September 2000 include: Rite-Aid,
K-Mart, Brooks, Target, Wal-Mart, Albertson, Kinney,
Toys ‘R’ Us, Safety First, The First Years, and Meijers.


New G.
W. C6 years ago

Thank you.

B. L.
B. L6 years ago

Unfortunately, I've found that the only thermometer I have that's accurate is the mercury one! I guard it fanatically so that it never breaks.

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Ninanae T6 years ago

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KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley7 years ago

The ban is long over due, we have other safer options. We need to look into making this a nation wide ban.

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Lainy Feffer
Lainy Feffer7 years ago

I read a while ago that the latest greatest idea of long-life electric light bulbs is not so great after all, as they all contain mercury, which is problematic when it comes to discarding them in landfills. Is there any progress in the invention of a mercury-free long-life light bulb?
I'm a vegetarian, I'm not having any more children, and I don't live in Minnesota. but, having bought mercury-free thermometers to protect my children, I don't want to be killed by a light bulb.

David Jones
David Jones7 years ago

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