Mermaid Secret for Gorgeous Hair

Who wouldnít envy mermaids their long, lush, radiantly lustrous hair? No wonder myth has it that sailors shipwrecked at the sight of lovely sea-maids combing their abundant tresses. Well, it turns out that mermaids know a secret that we mere mortals can use, and itís not only good for promoting hair growth and beauty–although it certainly does that–but for giving better balance and health overall.

Herbalist Susun Weed shares her mermaidís secret that will help anyone toward radiant health, greater energy and longevity–and fabulous hair! Itís all right here:

If you have ever eaten a piece of seaweed-wrapped sushi, youíve been doing something very, very good for your hair: seaweed is the ally of choice for anyone who wants healthier tresses. But did you know that this magical stuff from the sea can be eaten like a snack, used in soups, stews, and other recipes, or simply sprinkled on cereals and other foods to help our bodies in many ways?

Seaweed has been a favorite food of seaside-dwelling people for millennia. It is abundantly rich in beneficial minerals and nutrients that our bodies crave. And it tastes delicious!

Consider these seaweed facts:

1. Seaweed helps the body prevent absorption of toxic chemicals, including radioactive waste and pollution. It is recommended for use during chemotherapy, or after excessive X-rays.

2. The optimum nutrition in seaweeds gives better immune function, and revitalizes the body in many ways, promoting heart health, better digestion, hormonal balance, nervous system strength, and much more. (ďOf the fourteen elements essential to the proper metabolic functions of the human body, thirteen are known to be in Kelp,ď says Dr. J.W. Turentine, ASDA agricultural scientist.)

3. Seaweed promotes the growth of thicker, more lustrous hair. (Some people even claim it helps to regrow hair!) It also makes nails and teeth stronger, and helps skin to be smoother and more even-textured skin.

You can purchase seaweed from your local natural foods store, Asian specialty shops, online from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, or by mail from Ryan Drum, 1525 Danby Mountain Road, Danby, VT.

Inspired by Healing Wise: Wise Woman Herbal, by Susun Weed (Ash Tree Publishing, 1989).


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