Migratory Bird Day

Today (and the second Saturday of May every year) is International Migratory Bird Day. As stated by the Environment for the Americas who created IMBD, “Public awareness and concern are crucial components of migratory bird conservation. Citizens who are enthusiastic about birds, informed about threats, and empowered to become involved in addressing those threats, can make a tremendous contribution to maintaining healthy bird populations. By modeling what can be done and involving people, their interest and involvement in stewardship can grow. One of the most successful vehicles for public education on migratory birds is International Migratory Bird Day.”

Environment for the Americas has put together an extensive array of tools to help you celebrate and teach about Bird Day, from an event catalog, to educational materials and activities, to promotional materials including posters and t-shirts.

If you’re not an educator, or my post is just a wee-bit too late for you to organize a lesson for this year, you can always support birds by visiting a local wildlife park or wetlands habitat, by donating to various bird causes around the globe or by creating your own last minute birding event amongst your friends and family.

A quick google search provided dozens of birding areas in the Bay Area, and another quick search provided a great guide for all things bird and birding, can you guess what it’s called? Yep, BirdingGuide.com.

Happy Bird Day!

- Jocelyn Broyles

Headline image “Flock of Wading Birds at Hilpsford Chris Upson


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Dale O.

There is always a sense of serenity while watching colourful and fascinating birds.

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Very nice topic,I love all kinds of birds.Birds add life and nature magic and beauty ...Thanks for this wonderful post.
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Tami Mendoza
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This is always so beautiful to see as long as your not under theit flight, lol. Other wise you will look like a spotted dalmasion. The first thing I go to when visiting the zoo is the bird house. They fly freely everywhere inside. Always aw'd over birds and their beauty in nature.