Mindful Money Management

Gloria Steinem had feminine financial finesse when she said, “We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.” Feminine Financial Finesse allows you to have more of a powerful and promising effect on the world by putting your feminine energy and debit card where your values lie. There is a belief prevalent in America and other Western countries that being successful, making money, is somehow wrong for people who are trying to lead a spiritual life. However, it is not the money which is itself wrong; in fact, a person with greater resources can do much more good in the world than without. Embrace this statement, girls.

It’s time to take control of your finances and use your money to support a greater good–which may also include the purchase of a new pair of pink Chanel slides.

Here are 3 tips for Livin’ La Vida Tranquilista for women wishing to establish mindful money management.

1. Dig Deep Into Your Financial Feelings.
A great use of our feminine energy is participating in girl chats so why not invite friends over who can bond with you over this financial freedom questionnaire…

Ask yourself some questions to uncover some of the emotions behind your relationship to money.

  • How did you feel growing up about money?
  • Did you earn an allowance? If so, what did you do with your money?
  • Are you a saver, spender, or somewhere in between?
  • Was money discussed openly in your family growing up?
  • Did you feel financially in sync with your friends?

TRANQUIL TIP: Ponder how getting clear on your finances would make your life more tranquil.

2. Curb Retail Therapy Debt and Impulse Buying.
I know it’s tough for the modern girl to maintain financial balance with so many temptations, but this is where yourtapas andbrahmacharya(one of the 8 limbs of yoga that means self-control) will come in handy. Maybe you find yourself blowing your annual clothing budget during the post-holiday sales in January, or you’re a bibliophile who can’t say no to the latest Oprah book-club selection. Sure, buying a home or investing in your education will set you back numerous years, but they’re more important than that leopard-print stole with pink satin ribbons.Keep in mind the concept of short-term delayed gratification for long-term benefit.

TRANQUIL TIP: Stretch your dollars by shopping at discount stores, buying bulk classes at the yoga studio, and joining girlfriends for drinks and dessert instead of dinner.

3. Create Financial Fantasies.
Every good financial fantasy has 3 key parts…ENVISION, DEFINE, & GET SUPPORT.

What’s your ideal big picture in financial fulfillment? Do you want to be able to care for a loved one without fear of going bankrupt? Do you want the ability to work from home while your children play nearby? Or do you want to be both a city and country mouse dividing your time between two very different places that entice you? Get clear on what constitutes financial freedom for you.

Get clear about what it is that will bring you more in touch with your values while also helping others. Remember that ultimately abundance for you means more for others because you can do a lot more with abundance. Write out your ideal as if it were the present. For example, “I am finishing my novel in a cabin I own in Vail, and living part time in a rented loft in Denver teaching writing classes.”

Once you have gotten clear on what financial freedom looks like, share your findings with a trusted companion who will support your dreams. And support yourself and your belief in your dream by carving out weekly reflection time to review your income and expenses, while keeping an eye on the ultimate goal.

TRANQUIL TIP: Donate anonymously to a charity or person in need without looking for any tax benefit or even gratitude. Think secret Valentine meets good cause. Do it because it feels good. Let this be part of your spiritual practice of giving back.


Joy Wong
Joy Wong7 years ago

Thank you for the great tips.

Leah D.
Past Member 7 years ago

Hmmm... don't spend more than you make and save a little something from each pay. Done and done.

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Rupesh Pawani
Rupesh Pawani7 years ago

The advantages to a credit history or minimal at best, and non-existent if a person screws up. The risk is too great in most cases. Waiting a few years to “start from the bottom” with your credit history isn’t going to make much difference, but the financial skills you could learn in the meanwhile could be huge.
Money Saving Tips

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Cristiane P.
Cristiane P7 years ago

Great article! Thanks for the tips! :-)

Cheryl N.
Cheryl H7 years ago

This is a good article and I want to be more aware of how I am spending my money and what I am spending it on. I think it's very important to view what we are investing in with comparison of values. It helps to keep things in balance.

Ina Eliza D.
Ina-Eliza G7 years ago

Thank u! Very good article!

Kaye Skinner
Rev. Dr. Kaye S7 years ago

I am not sure I want to dig deep into my psychological reason for spending, though I am sure it would help me. Thanks

Julie F.
Julie F7 years ago

Very helpful! The 'shopping at discount stores' is hard though for people that try to shop in a socially conscious way.