Miracles: Thought Experiment

Without consciousness acting as an observer and interpreter, everything would exist only as pure potential. That pure potential is the virtual domain. It is nonlocal and canít be depleted; it is unending and all-encompassing. Tapping into that potential is what allows us to make miracles. Miracles is not too strong a word.

Intrigued and troubled by the possibilities suggested by quantum physics, Albert Einstein devised his own thought experiment: Imagine creating two identical wave-particles that are then shot off in opposite directions. What happens if we ask about the location of wave-particle B? Remember, the particles are identical, so whatever measurement is calculated for one will, by definition, hold true for the other.

Knowing the location of wave-particle A (and thus collapsing it into a particle) simultaneously tells us the location of wave-particle B, and therefore also collapses it into a particle.

The implications of this thought experiment (which has been confirmed mathematically as well as experimentally) are enormous. If observing wave-particle A affects wave-particle B, that means that some nonlocal connection or communication is occurring in which information is exchanged faster than the speed of light, without the exchange of energy. That is contrary to every commonsense view of the world.

Let me try to illustrate the magnitude of this point with an example. Imagine that a company simultaneously sends out two identical packages, one to me in California, and one to you at your home. In each of the boxes is a correlated, unobserved wave-particle, pure potential.

You and I receive and open our packages at exactly the same moment. Just before I cut the tape and open the flaps, I create a mental picture of what I want the box to contain. When I open the box, I find it contains just what I imagined, a violin. When you open your box, it also contains a violin! Whatever I imagine for myself is matched, at the exact same moment, for you. This is what is meant by nonlocal communication or correlation.

Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press).


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