Mojo Rising Medicine Bundle

Focusing our intention can help us to get what we need. This ancient shamanic technique uses the spirit power of plants aligned with your own desire to make a simple bundle that you carry with you. It’s like a spiritual radio, transmitting its energy and your requests to the universe and receiving the blessings that the spirits send back. Here is how to make a mojo bag to attract what you need.

Before you create a mojo bag, be clear on your intention, what you want the charm to do. Holding this intention in mind, take a walk in nature and allow yourself to be drawn to the plants that reflect your purpose. Spend a little time with them and speak to them of your needs. Request that they offer a little of themselves to help you.

The creator has given us clues to the healing and spiritual power of plants by ensuring that their outward appearances reflect their uses and intentions. Thus, the seed pods of the honesty plant, dried and relieved of their outer skins, are shining, translucent, and silver, round like coins and round like haloes. They can therefore be used to attract spiritual blessings and truth (honesty) or to draw in wealth, according to your intent.

When you take your plant materials home, dry them and then gently crush them. Mix them with a little rum, Florida Water, or essential oil and allow them to dry again.

Choose a piece of fabric in a color that corresponds to the qualities you wish to draw into your life. Colors are have traditional associations with certain energies: red with power and energy, pink with love, green for abundance, blue for peace, white for purity, and so on.

Place your plant material in the center of the fabric. You may add other objects to help: for more money, for example, add a few small coins on the homeopathic principle of like attracting like; a magnet to pull in success; a rose quartz for love, and so on. You can also write out your intention on a piece of paper and include it if you wish.

Sew up the bag or tie the bundle with a ribbon to keep the materials in place. Then smudge it with sage smoke and sprinkle it with a little Florida Water or essential oil. Carry your mojo bag with you.

Adapted from Plant Spirit Shamanism, by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing (Inner Traditions, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Plant Spirit Shamanism, by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing (Inner Traditions, 2006).


Janine Kaczynski
janine Kaczynski5 years ago

Something's gotta work.

Mrs Innana
Jujji Livriche7 years ago

I love this :) Thank you.

Elly Yule
Past Member 10 years ago

There is no need to mix the dried plant material with anything. You can just lay them in the centre of the cloth and add the other things to them. I always recommend adding a handwritten affirmation/pledge/commitment statement to the bag as this is a powerful activator for your intention. You could use any kind of 'holy' water to bless it (you can make your own), and also use incense to smudge if you don't have access to sage or cedar. You can also create a personal Medicine bag which you can use especially for ceremonial purposes such as circle work or when making New Moon wishes.

Gloria S.
Gloria S10 years ago

I have done this I also carry a medicine bag , we represent these little bag's to Pow Wow dancer's for giveaway presents we also do this ritual when gathering rock's for a fire circle or sweat lodge.but I am not so sure about the florida water, maybe it has to do with the tribe.