Monsanto Wins Worst Company of 2011 Award

Natural Society has awarded Monsanto the Worst Company of 2011 award for its ongoing work to threaten human health and the environment.  Currently responsible for 90 percent of all genetically-modified (GM) seed in the US, the biotechnology giant is also the leader in developing genetically-modified (GM) seeds and the resulting crops worldwide.   But Monsanto is perhaps best known for its herbicide Roundup, which many experts link to soil damage and herbicide-resistant superweeds, not to mention potential health problems.

Contrast “Worst Company of 2011” to Forbes Magazine’s listing of Monsanto as one of the “World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies.” Monsanto may be innovative if you consider its genetic modification of the world’s food supply without concern for the environmental and health impacts “innovation.” (As an aside: you may recall that Nazis were called “innovative” too yet look at the atrocities they committed!) More and more scientists would disagree with Forbes.

In a recent study of genetically-modified corn, scientists found that the genetically-modified food may be linked to organ damage, namely liver and kidney damage, in rats.  Published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, this study is calling into question the safety of “Frankenfoods” as they are also known.

John Fagan, PhD, molecular biologist and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) expert commented on the study and Monsanto’s neglectful reporting methods on

“The paper was a landmark study. Monsanto was forced by court to release raw data and Gilles-Eric Seralini and his team applied careful statistical methods that revealed the Monsanto had glossed over many important effects of the GMOs. In particular, Monsanto had used inappropriate criteria for judging whether results were biologically significant or not. A common case was that they rejected as biologically unimportant any effect that showed up in male animals or in female animals but was not observed in both. The fact is that sex related differences are common in physiological responses particularly in liver and kidney responses. Also, Monsanto rejected as biologically unimportant effects that were not proportional to dose. That is, if the effect was strong at low doses but weaker at high doses, they would reject the effect as biologically insignificant. Yet it is well known that many effects, especially endocrine effects, are stronger at low doses than at high.”

Keep reading to learn more about the suicides blamed on Monsanto and even a victory against the company…

But Monsanto continues to disregard the warning signs about GMOs and instead, ships them in droves around the world.  Monsanto has also been blamed for the many suicides of farmers in India who used Monsanto’s GM-seed but failed to yield crops to support their families.

Now, American farmers are taking a stand against Monsanto by launching a lawsuit against the billion-dollar corporation for widespread genetic contamination. The farmers, like many others, are concerned that Monsanto is threatening the integrity of organic farms worldwide.  Many organic farms have been devastated by genetically-modified crops.  Currently, most of the world’s wheat, soy, canola, and corn are now genetically-modified.

Percy Schmeiser—a humble farmer in the Canadian prairies endured a decade-long lawsuit initiated by Monsanto—and is now declaring victory. His farm was contaminated by GM-seed so Monsanto slapped a lawsuit on HIM, as they have done with other farmers, charging him with patent infringement.  But in this modern day David-and-Goliath story, Percy fought back.  Over 320 hectares of his land were found to be contaminated with the company’s patented “Roundup Ready Canola.”  Schmeiser slapped a lawsuit back on Monsanto, charging the company with libel, trespassing, improperly obtaining seed samples from his farm, callous disregard for the environment for its introduction of genetically-modified (GM) crops without proper controls and containment, and contamination of his crops with unwanted GM plants. Monsanto finally settled out of court to clean up Schmeiser’s land.  Percy Schmeiser’s victory over Monsanto is a victory for all farmers, all Canadians, and everyone who eats…that’s everyone.

Is it any surprise that Monsanto was selected as the Worst Company of 2011? Perhaps that it didn’t receive Worst Company of the Century award…but such an award doesn’t exist.

For more information about the Worst Company of 2011 Award, visit Natural Society.  For more information about Percy Schmeiser’s victory over Monsanto or to help him with his giant legal bills visit his website:

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Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Stephanie F.
Stevie A6 years ago

"Monsanto may be innovative if you consider its genetic modification of the world’s food supply without concern for the environmental and health impacts “innovation.” (As an aside: you may recall that Nazis were called “innovative” too yet look at the atrocities they committed!" YES

"careful statistical methods that revealed the Monsanto had glossed over many important effects of the GMOs." Deliberately holding back necessary safety information = EVIL. Their time has passed, lets bring them down!!
If you have family or friends living in CA, PLEASE let them know that it is important to vote "YES on 37" this November to make it MANDATORY for food with GMOs to be LABELED.
Of course, Mon$anto is throwing million$ of dollar$ into the campaign to defeat "YES on 37"
Lets bring them down

Angel Campbell
Angel Campbell6 years ago

Boycott monsanto and go organic.

Elizabeth Luik-Rossi

Monsanto has always been good at making funds from Bees to Babies Food. But does he really care? How about looking a children today in what they eat or drink?

Wende Anne Maunder
Wendé Maunder6 years ago

Congratulations to Monsanto: I can't think of a more worthy recipient for this prestigious award.

The latest news on Monsanto is that it has just purchased Beeologics, the scientific research group which has shown Monsanto's genetically modified crops as the cause of Sudden Colony Collapse. If you can't beat them, purchase them seems to be the obvious thing to do to prevent us learning the true awfulness of this company's products.

.. "Monsanto said, “[We] will use the base technology from Beeologics as a part of its continuing discovery and development pipeline."

Oh, yeah! And I just watched a hippopotamus flying past me window.

... "Biological products will continue to play an increasingly important role in supporting the sustainability of many agricultural systems.”

Oh, dear! Now we are in BIG trouble.

"Evidently, the way to solve problems caused by chemicals is by using more chemicals.", writes Kevin Mathews in his article about this purchase.

I couldn't have put it better, Kevin. Jebus wept!!

Ben M.
Ben M.6 years ago

People, what is one of the biggest problems this world is facing right now? Overpopulation and hunger. A company like Monsanto is providing a solution by modifying crops so that farmers get a significantly higher yield. That is a non-negotiable fact, we need more food for the world. Have you guys ever heard of breeding?? That’s when a farmer selects which specific plants will provide the seed for next years crops, meaning he’s choosing a plant to use that has more favorable genetics!! Literally, all Monsanto is doing is enhancing a gene and using that plant’s seed = creating more favorable genetics. Farmers that use it are making more food and more money, they love it. Secondly, Monsanto is a COMPANY. As in they have a business to run. How could you possibly expect Monsanto to simply let farmers use their seed without paying for it?? Any business in the world would do the same thing, it has to protect it’s product. Also, the guy in this article had 320 hectares of Monsanto plants, that’s 3.2 million square meters - are you *!ing serious? If you say he didn’t know it was there, bullshit.

J.L. A.
JL A6 years ago

an award they earned

richa blue akasha
Raiin Blue6 years ago

We can do "universal" complaints that each person can just fill their name in in a blank, etc. and file. They can just download the complaint or copy and paste it so they have hard copy to go and file.
People anywhere and everywhere where Monsanto has been doing business have jurisdiction wherever they are to file in courts in their own jurisdictions......because of business torts, ijjury, etc.....fraud committed.....
Then, Monsanto has to answer their complaints in each and every jurisdiction in which complaints are filed! HAHAHAHA!

Think Monsanto has enough lawyers to handle ALL of us in ALL jurisdictions?!?! HAHAHA!

And you can do the same with criminal forced vaccines!

Deborah D.
Deborah D6 years ago

With corporations claiming "corporate
personhood", I do not think it would
be an exaggeration to call Monsanto a