Most Endangered Dolphins Get New Campaign

Maui’s dolphins are the most endangered dolphins in the world. A new study found they are down to just about 55 adults, from 111 several years ago. However, it has been noted the real number may be less than 55, because some time has elapsed since the most recent study was conducted and the rate of decline is about three percent per year.

There could be only 20 adult breeding females left, so protecting them all would be of the utmost
importance, if there is a real desire to help them rebound. Breeding age females have just one calf each two to four years. Maui’s dolphins only live in the waters of North Island, New Zealand, and their greatest threat is fishing nets.

Surfer Dave Rastovich and Dogtown skate legend Peggy Oki have joined a campaign to generate publicity and have individuals make public declarations with their photos attached, so this content can be presented to the New Zealand government. The campaign is called Let’s Face It and you can join by uploading your photo and name on their website.† So far they have about 1,000 signatures, with a goal of 5,000 total. You can also Like their Facebook page.


Image Credit: JShook / Wiki Commons

Note: the dolphin shown above is a Hectorís dolphin, the parent species to the Mauiís dolphin.

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Magdika Cecilia Perez

thank you

Magdika Cecilia Perez

thank you

Tanja Z.
Tanja Zilker5 years ago

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Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Peggy O.
Peggy O5 years ago

Thank you Jake Richardson for creating this post.
✮ To everyone here, The Maui's need all the love they can get at this time so crucial to their survival.♥ Please join in our efforts!
•*✮Will you make an Earth Day dedication to saving the last 55 Maui’s Dolphins♥? Help us reach our goal of 5,000 “Let’s Face It” Visual Petitions! ☆
You can team up with a friend, and its fun for everyone. Events such as Earth Day, gatherings with co-workers and friends are great places for connecting and collecting many more “Let’s Face It” VPs. So bring your camera and image of Hector’s / Maui’s Dolphins with you to Earth Day and wherever you think of to help.
Please visit our official "Let's Face It" web page to begin!♥

Shin Takahashi
Shin Takahashi5 years ago

Dolphins are also victims of greedy fishing by crawler.We never think about dolphins from danger of fishing nets.I am afraid that it is too late to save them?

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Berny P.
berny p5 years ago

men will only be happy when they have killed everything important on this planet!

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W5 years ago

Excuse me, but with all the oil exploration, sonar pulsing, and other crap that we're doing to our oceans, aren't ALL dolphin species in danger right now?

David V.
David V5 years ago

Humans won't be satisfied until they kill every living thing.