Most Teens Have No Sex Education Before Losing Virginity

The number of teens aged 15 to 17 giving birth continues to drop, but that group still delivers 1,700 babies a week in the US, reports NBC News. That’s way too many, says the CDC, which thinks part of the reason can be found in another newly released stat: Among teen girls with sexual experience, 83% say they had no formal sexual education before their first encounter, reports the LA Times. That percentage “represents a missed opportunity to introduce medically accurate information,” says CDC researchers in a new report.

Overall, the study found that 14.6% of 15-year-olds, 28.5% of 16-year-olds, and 38.6% of 17-year-olds have had sex at least once, and only 15% of those used a form of contraception deemed at least moderately effective, such as the pill, a vaginal ring, an IUD, or a hormonal implant. Most (62%) used less effective forms, including condoms and sponges, and 23% used nothing at all.

“We are missing opportunities to deliver messages before teens begin to have sex,” says a CDC official.

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Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Our babies are growing up too fast. Educate NOW!

Jane Howard
Jane Howard3 years ago

Teens are trying to be adults..and I agree with Rosa c.

Ashley heffner
Lady Suki3 years ago

I was "lucky."

But really our sex education amounted to the following.

Sex is bad! Don't have sex! You will get an STD and die! And if you don't get an STD, you'll probably get pregnant.

*In a really small voice* But if you do have sex, use birth control. Here are the birth control methods.

They made sex sound like it was lethal 100% of the time. If it was so horrible, humanity would have gone extinct by now. But always wear or use protection unless you want to get pregnant. It's better to wait until you are an adult, not a teenager, obviously. But you know what... biologically speaking this is just what teenagers are designed to do.

Ashley heffner
Lady Suki3 years ago

I graduated High School in 2009 in Pennsylvania.

ScoTT S.
ScoTT S3 years ago

Jeff S, abstinence only works in theory. In practise it fails miserably. You know the negative effects of anger, so that automatically stops you from getting angry? Everywhere abstinence only has been taught, teen pregnancy rises. And the article states (did you even read it?) that most pregnant teems HAD NO SEX EDUCATION AT ALL. So, if the message isn't getting heard, then you can say "practise abstinence" all you want.

Karen H.
Karen H3 years ago

I've taught young ladies about sex, and the ignorance is appalling. They, like many in the GOP, believe if it ain't penis-vagina it ain't sex. Oral sex isn't sex. Anal sex isn't sex. And they think that, because it's "not sex" they can't get pregnant.
I've talked to medical professionals who were dismayed at the number of cases of STDs among teens. It happens in clusters--a group of kids having sex with each other pass STDs around.
They desperately NEED sex ed.

j A3 years ago

sad statistics--we are failing our children in meeting their education needs

Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Rosa Caldwell
Rosa Caldwell3 years ago

Does not surprise me at all. Nor does having babies without marriage. It used to be marriage first and then a baby. Way different now. How very sad.

Peter HogenCamp
Peter Camp3 years ago

My parents did a great job. My Sex Ed teacher in 8th grade was a really fine person and excellent teaching. However, as a young 8th grade person my sex Ed Class only made me want everything I was being taught! I was informed and therefore I wanted. Other people may have felt different after sex Ed. But, how many of you can honestly say you 100% did not want sex after sex Ed class? I will read the responses! : )