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All life form ends. Even the form of the Earth itself will end. In recognizing the beginning and ending of even the most monumental of life forms, we can also recognize what holds it all: what holds that which we appear in, that which we live because of, and that into which we–as life forms–disappear; into which the whole of creation appeared and into which it all eventually disappears.

The great benefit of our human life form is that we can turn our consciousness back toward what is present in all life forms. That is, of course, life itself. You do not have life form without life.

But what is life, and is its existence independent of its form? When you and I die, when our bodies drop, when a mountain returns to dust, does life die?

If you ask these questions very deeply of yourself, there is the possibility of discovering what is immortal. Life–life before even life energy–is immortal.

It is my intention that we discover this field of life that is the same in each of us. It is my intention that this be discovered so fully that nothing can dislodge it. No amount of trouble, no amount of disease, no amount of pain can dislodge the deepest peace of realizing yourself to be one and the same as life itself.

You can take a moment now and turn your attention to life. You don’t have to know anything else… Just stop for a moment and turn your attention to life–whether it’s a good life, a bad life, a successful life, or a failure of a life. Life…Just the wonder of that can obliterate all of the dishonoring of it in an instant. In this instant.

When individual consciousness flips back into its true identity as life itself–before, during, and after life form–then time experienced in and as life form is free. It is free, and it is sacred. It is not free from the experience of pain, or of troubles; and it is not free from the experience of disease. It is not free from the experience of death. It is free in that it knows itself to be life.

Although the individual consciousness is still attached to a particular life form–you, me, others, a mountain–the deeper, irrevocable attachment is to life itself. That shift is the end of being haunted by the death of life forms and the beginning of recognizing the sacredness of life itself, both formless and formed.

Maybe your mother’s form is gone, or your husband’s, child’s, friend’s, or enemy’s…gone. But the life they represented in their short time is still here. Flowers in a vase have been cut, and they are already dying, but they are still radiating life. Even when they are dried up they will radiate life. Even if there is a picture of them after they are long gone and extinct, you can still be struck by their radiation of life.

The recognition of life itself is extraordinary, and the possibility is that you recognize yourself as life itself–not separate from this form, but free of it. Then you live your life sacredly, as a precious experience that will be over, that will end.

Your recognition of yourself as life offers the flavor of your particular life form to the precious sacred experience of life itself.

Then the human mind is turned to something more than finding what is wrong; it is actually turned to the wonder of existence and the precious sacredness of life.

Antoinette (Toni) Varner was given the name Gangaji by her teacher H.W. L. Poonja in 1990, when he asked her to share her realization of true fulfillment around the world.

In her meetings she invites all present to consciously allow the thought process to be still. In stillness true identity can be realized. True identity is not limited to any one body/mind and yet includes all bodies. This recognition reveals natural, causeless freedom and fulfillment. The rest of one’s life is naturally lived in deeper recognition and exploration of what is changelessly present.

Gangaji is the author of DIAMOND IN YOUR POCKET, YOU ARE THAT, and FREEDOM AND RESOLVE. She offers online and teleconferencing meetings as well as retreats in the U.S., Canada, Europe, England and Australia. Go to for more info.


Janice F.
Janice F.6 years ago

Thank you for your comment. May I add that what's in the Heart of All Beings, that's Here to be discovered, counts and swallows all our deeds, and the worldly life.
More and more and better and better will never satisfy anyone, only on a temporary basis. Perhaps Greed is a desperate attempt to grabb what we already have, but since what we already have can be 'overlooked', all these other attempts run people until they Stop.
Much Gratitude and Love

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson6 years ago


Prochi T.
Prochi T6 years ago

wow, what an article. wonderful. sad we all know we will die sooner or later but the materialistic greed of wanting more is always there. we cannot take anthing with us where we go after our life on earth. only our good thoughts,good words & good deeds count. Lord Zarthustra preached that.

Maira Sun
Maira Sun6 years ago


Ramona Thompson7 years ago

We live and we die. Life and death are cycles.

Tina Scislow
Tina Scislow7 years ago

Excellent article. Thank you very much. This will help to change what we put out there and bring a bit more peace to the world.

Kerry S.
Kerry S7 years ago

amazing and inspiring! thanks

Chelle N.
Chelle N.7 years ago

Hi Gangaji:
I know so deeply in my being this field of existence that we all are.... yet find there is a gravitational pull to live from the wounded self... to think this self separate and cast out from itself and from its world. I continue to deepen, and trust that I will get out of the way and let this field "have me". Always... Chelle Esha Nagle

Summer Fields
Past Member 7 years ago

What do we do when our Life is left without a form?

Debra F.
Debra F7 years ago

Thank you Gangaji for the wonderful article. Xo