Naked Chocolate & Sustainability with David Wolfe

We had an especially delicious time in the Green Diva Studio when nutritionist and chocolatier, David Wolfe visited us to do a radio show and a video interview.

We all got naked . . . naked chocolate that is . . . David brought us some of his AMAZING raw, organic, fair trade and DELICIOUS Sacred Chocolate and we indulged throughout the entire show.

Sacred ChocolateBut between bites of chocolate bliss, we learned some amazing things from David. Did you know that the Aztecs invented the first blender that they used to make cacao drinks? I bet you didn’t know how chocolate played a role in introducing ‘magic’ mushrooms in the U.S.

Green Diva Gina did a great post this week all about chocolate and was relieved that the research she did for her was David Wolfe-approved and enhanced to make a really interesting segment. Listen to the Green Divas Foodie-Phile segment about chocolate . . .
And Green Diva Mizar was worried he wouldn’t approve of her unique way of mixing various chocolates, but Mr. Wolfe was supportive and his optimistic and positive attitude was ever present. Listen to Green Diva Mizar’s DIY chocolate mix segment . . .
David shared so many details about the nutritional value of chocolate. You just have to listen to the full podcast to get it all. Listen to this extraordinary Green Divas Radio Show podcast featuring David Wolfe . . .

By the end of the show (and our chocolate feeding frenzy), there were bits of chocolate wrappers everywhere. We love having guests in the studio, especially ones that bring chocolate!
Green Diva Studio Chocolate Frenzy


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