Natural Pet Care for Fleas, Ticks, Bath Time and More

Our human lives are full of choices. We often obsess over the ingredients in the lotions we buy and search for the safest cleaning products for our home. Our pets, on the other hand, live a largely choice-less existence. Whether you shine your floors with chemical cleaner or use a non-toxic vinegar and lemon solution is not a choice our cat makes. In fact, she doesnít get a choice when flea season rolls around and the collars and ointments come out, either. And her favorite bubble bath solution is left unknown as well. In the end, the choices that affect your petsí health are up to you, and many pet owners make health-damaging mistakes.

For example, flea collars often contain tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) or propoxur, which can jeopardize your petís immune system and leave damaging lifelong effects. Flea collars that contain these chemicals can damage the nervous system, negatively affect the brain and even lead to cancer. These chemicals are especially damaging for children who may be in regular contact with your dog or cat.

You can avoid toxic chemicals†by taking the following natural and preventive measures:

  • Give your pet regular baths.
  • Wash your petís bedding and clean the areas where your pet sleeps, such as sofas or rugs. Clean these surfaces the same day as you wash your pet. This useful video shows you how to make natural cleaners.
  • Use a flea comb in between baths.
  • Do not neglect your petís oral hygiene. Regular brushing is necessary not just for you, but them, too.
  • If you have carpet, vacuum regularly and clean area rugs.
  • Boost your petís immune system with†herbs.
  • Create a natural flea and tick rinse with rosemary, wormwood, southernwood, lavender, pennyroyal or eucalyptus. Try out these other natural flea control methods as well.

Taking the time to consider natural pet care choices is worth it for the furry friends we love. Natural pet care is easier than you think and creates a cleaner, greener environment for every member of your household.

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Mickey Jhon
Past Member 2 years ago

I was pinning away for such type of blogs, thanks for posting this for us.baths

Lepidopter Phoenyx

Yeast and garlic may work on fleas in Wisconsin in January, but they don't do squat in Louisiana.
I've also tried the herbal flea drops - they made the cats smell really nice, but neither killed nor repelled a single flea.
At my house, we alternate Advantage/Advantix and Frontline on the cats, and give the dogs Comfortis. One of the dogs and two of the cats have flea allergies and this regimen keeps them all clear of hitchhikers.

Melissa Franklin
Melissa Franklin4 years ago

thanks for the good info. I always want to keep my dog healthy and flea & tick free. =]]

Pamela W.
Pamela W4 years ago

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Connie O.
Connie O4 years ago

Thanks for the tips.

MmAway M4 years ago

Thanks~Natural is the best way!

Melinda K.
Past Member 4 years ago

please only use herbs and essential oils under the guidance of a qualified pet professional as they are very harmful to certain species.

Sarah A.
Sarah A5 years ago

Thank you.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Our cats and dogs deserve to be flea and tick free!!!

Fiona T.
Past Member 5 years ago

We've got to love our pets and our environment