New Helpful Website for Green Products is a website listing products that meet the city’s health and environmental requirements. The website provides information on one thousand products. The site is open to the public, revealing which green products are recommended.

For example, under Cleaning Products > Hand Soaps, two companies are listed – Ecologo and Green Seal. The information next to the company name says, “Does not contain antimicrobial agents (other than as preservative), carcinogens or chemicals that contribute to poor indoor air quality.” The text explains why the product was included in the list of approved green products.

For hand sanitizers, the site lists CleanWell and EO Organics, and one reason for listing them reads, “Does not contain antibacterial products with triclosan, which: – Creates a cancer-causing chemical, chloroform, when it mixes with chlorine in tap water. ”

Under office supplies, Austen Refillable Markers are listed, because they are 100 percent recyclable and do not contain hazardous solvents. Also, one kit is reported to be the equivalent of 246 disposable whiteboard markers.

Under White Paper, 8.5 x 11, only 100 percent postconsumer waste office papers are allowed. There are four types and they are all chlorine-free.

For Wood products, only alternatives to arsenic-treated wood are allowed. The reason for prohibiting arsenic-treated wood is, “There is now a considerable body of scientific research documenting the release of arsenic, a known carcinogen, out of pressure-treated wood and into the environment. In addition, these harmful chemicals can be released during processing and storage of treated wood, during sawing or other manufacturing processes, and during or after disposal.”

In recent news there have been a number of stories about consumer exposure to chemicals from personal products. The FDA has been sued; some Old Spice products contain questionable ingredients; mosquito repellent and conventional deodorant can have harmful ingredients when there are natural alternatives that should be promoted.

So thank you to the City of San Francisco for a timely green website with information for consumers.

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Edvanir L.
Edvanir L4 years ago

Awesome! The website is in my favorites already!

Santanita G.
Santanita G6 years ago

It is nice to see more and more information on products that are safe. Its hard to find them.
When people continue to buy the toxic stuff, we cant get them removed from the shelves.
When I sites like these I try to share with all my friends and family to spread the word.

Sanja T.
Sanja T7 years ago


Annie O.
Annie O7 years ago

great resource. Thanks.

shan waston
shan waston7 years ago

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Erin Kathleen
Erin Walden7 years ago

Thanks for the information, going to check this site out now.

abby l.
abby l7 years ago

That's great, but where do you FIND these harmless gems? they all are brands that I have never heard of!

Lynn Marie M.
Lynn Marie M7 years ago


Olivia Schlosser
Past Member 7 years ago

Thanks. I do tend to make my own cleaning and personal care products from all natural, safe ingredients. If I wouldn't take it internally, I don't use it (except for rubbing alcohol as a "deodorant").

Betty C.
Betty C7 years ago