New Online Tool Makes Composting Even Easier

BioCycle magazine and the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) have launched a new, more-user-friendly version of, a free, publicly searchable directory of composting facilities in the United States and Canada.

In today’s warming world, composting our organic waste stream to recycle nutrients and build soil health is the preferred alternative to landfilling, which produces the unwanted greenhouse gas methane.

Recognizing that a major challenge to implementing these sound ecological practices has been a perceived lack of infrastructure, BioCycle originally launched in 2007.

“One of the most significant stumbling blocks has been the perception that while composting is ‘the right thing to do,’ there aren’t any facilities out there to do it,” says Rill Ann Goldstein, BioCycle’s Publisher. “For example, national grocery chains have made a commitment to keep their food waste out of the landfill, but then struggle to find facilities to compost the materials. That’s what prompted us to start BioCycle’s four years ago, and more recently, create a more user-friendly version.”

Visitors to the site may now enter a ZIP code to identify composting facilities within a 50-mile radius or may search for facilities by name. Composters wishing to list their facility may now easily enter full-text descriptions and upload multiple photographs as well as video clips.

The new site also offers the ability to integrate with social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and a comprehensive resource page that includes how-to composting and compost utilization information.

There are also plans to launch a “Feedstock” blog that will include site profiles as well as links to current events and stories in the world of organics recycling.

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