Overwhelmed With Beauty Products? These Tools May Help

It can be overwhelming to search for new beauty products. The back panels of most products can resemble the classwork of a graduate chemistry class. Being health-minded, it can be a huge obstacle to figure out which ingredients are actually safe and healthy… and which arenít so much. Luckily, it is becoming easier.

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The Environmental Working Database is releasing the Skin Deep Mobile App next month.†If you aren’t familiar with their website, Skin Deep is a vast database of beauty products. You can browse or search for specific brands and types of products to find an ingredient-by-ingredient rating of each product on a scale from 1-10, with additional color coding for clarity — green is generally safe, yellow is moderate, red means stay clear! It is a very thorough rating system and an excellent resource off of which to base your product purchasing decisions. The new app will offer the same resources as the web version, with the additional benefit of making it possible for shoppers to scan bar codes of most products in-store for convenient and precise data. Next time you can’t decide between two new moisturizers, you’ll be able to give them a quick scan to see how they really fair health-wise, making product decisions easier than ever.

Not a technology buff? Check out†Beautycounterís Never List to start, which you can print out and keep in your wallet for reference. Having banned around 1,500 ingredients from their product line, Beautycounter has done a lot of the work for you by rounding up the worst of the worst cosmetics chemicals into a business-card-sized compilation. Have a question? Just whip out your card and consult!

It is lovely to feel pampered and beautiful, but certain products just aren’t worth the health risk. Even exquisitely small amounts of certain chemicals can throw off your system and your health. With the advent of these simple tools, shopping for cosmetics has never been easier!

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Personal care companies have focused consumers on natural, organic which I am also a believer in but, unfortunately, these designations have been misused for there are relatively no standards, besides the USDA certification to guide consumers.
The core issue that is emerging, is not having any toxic ingredients in any amount in skin care products. The EU has taken the lead on this and eventually the US will adopt it. It really makes no sense that if there are known toxins lists(see these on my site -http://www.organoderm.com/category-s/1831.htm) that these should be in any skin care products in any amount. It is not that difficult to formulate effective skin care products like I have done. Unfortunately, most of these safe lines are not known for I do not have millions to spend on informing the consumer. Dr.Ed Domanskis

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