No Child Left Inside & What You Can Do

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A great day in the studio with all green divas and green dudes on deck! Had an excellent report from green diva Dr. Heather Eves from the DC area. GD Heather talked about the No Child Left Inside Act, which is all about helping to support updates in curriculum for elementary and secondary pubic education thatincorporates more ecology, conservation and sustainability.The billwas originally introduced by Senator Jack Reed back in 2009 and was re-introduced in July of 2011.

Our feature interview was with Jessica Arinella of What You Can Do TV series on PBS. She had some nice and easy ideas for water conservation and offered a lot of statistics and ways to conceptualize and visualize how much water we use without thinking. Some of her ideas are listed in the Links & Resources post on our website.

In between, we had excellent reports from GD Lisa on some very practical AND interesting ideas for repurposing stuff; and from GD Scotty on a new eco-friendly lighting solution – the Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) solution by a company called VU1.

Please visit our website for a list of ideas for repurposing from Lisa’s report and other relevant links & resources from the show – Green Divas website.

Hope you’ll listen to this broadcast!

Listen to the show here:

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Listen to the show here!


KARLOLINA G6 years ago

Thank you

Yvette S.
Past Member 6 years ago

Yes, play with your kids outside! Let the rumpus begin!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Rose Becke6 years ago

go outside with them

Nur O.
nur o6 years ago


Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli6 years ago

better funded public parks with playground equipment that is safe and fun is needed in most communities....and more recess time at schools where they keep cutting the arts and PE and recess to cram more and more math and science into the kids schedules at the expense of time spent playing and being creative which is more important than doing what any calculator app can do anyway.

Bule Sky
Bule Sky6 years ago

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Janine F.
Janine F6 years ago


Dana A.
Dana A6 years ago

Very nice comeback there
Whatever happened to recess?. My kid never had recess in grade school..that used to be the best part of the day..running around like little crazy people!

Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

Its time for a big over-haul of the education system. Its time for the wise teachers, not the politicians and those with personal agendas, to lead the way.

Randi L.
Randi Levin6 years ago

As a TEACHER, it's enough of Wshington making decisions based on lack of knowledge--

Most who make these decisions/ACTS in WA DC have never been the or a TEACHER, and unforturnately their lack of knowledge has begin to effect the education or lack of in and to our children and this effects society as a whole.. NCLB is failing, the new nutritional program has come at the price of a teacher or more per school district, Recess should be a given not a privlege or mandate!

My generation/boomers dealt with wars: Korean and Nam, The Draft, the forever emergence of Rock & Roll, Folk music Psycholdelics and Timothy Leary, Orange Sunshine and Agent Orange, Drugs, Peace Love and Flowers, Malcohm X and The Grateful Dead, Woodstock, NIXON and yet the majority still graduated from HS, went to college or work and ended up rather secure emotionally, relatively physically healthy and with a sense of who we are and what our purpose is.

And ya know what there were no rating systems, no governmental interruptions or commands of how we should be this or that or do this or that or eat this or that.
Just possibly as has been shown, it is time for the government to stop wasting so much money on ratings, and coming up with BS mandates and stop running our lives! Especially since right now most politicians cannot run our government efficiently for there is currently too much battling within for progress to be made.
So I ask our Govt. let teachers teach and do what they do best---leave