No More Mice! New How-To

This is the season when mice move in, along with their destructive and unsanitary habits.

Nobody wants them nibbling the crumbs left over from Santa’s cookies–or leaving their own little presents under the tree!
The mice in my house recently had a huge population explosion and I was literally losing sleep here. Mice smell so bad, and it‘s unsettling to hear them scurrying around at night. Yuck! What to do?

After the blizzard, I went to the hardware store to buy a shovel, and, on the off chance they had something that wouldn’t kill mice
but would send them away, I asked a salesperson about it…and lo and behold, there is something new under the sun!

This is the latest in humane, natural technology that will send the mice in your home running for the hills. I thought you’d be as pleased to hear about it as I am:

The device is ultra-sonic, nontoxic, no chemicals….and it isn’t the ultrasound technology that doesn’t really work that was popular a decade or so ago …this you plug into the walls and it sends a signal throughout the neutral wire of a standard electrical outlet….sending the mice nuts and out of the house.

Go to The Pestacator
or call 800-338-5028. There’s a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work within 60 days. AND it also works on cockroaches!

By Annie B. Bond


KS Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Worth a try. Traeci H.'s experience is a little disheartening.

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

Is this the only brand name that works??

Gita Sasi Dharan
Gita Sasi Dharan7 years ago

Noted, thanks.

RZ Z10 years ago

yes, i agree glue traps are inhumane. however since i have an infant in the house, i chose my child's safety over our the life of our little friends. traps have never worked on the mice in our house. fortunately with the pestacator, we haven't seen any of them and hopefully it had driven them all away for good.

Jennifer W.
Jennifer W10 years ago

Kim K., I certainly hope your comment wasn't inspired by misunderstanding my previous response. My partner and I never would, and never have, use a glue trap. That's why when I mentioned it, they were classed as inhumane. If you wanted to spearhead a petition to make them illegal, I would happily be the first to add my name to it!

Live animal traps have bar spacing that is too wide to trap wild mice. I've watched them scurry in and out, and in the meantime, we've had to rescue our cat from it more than once!

The traditional mouse traps, though, aren't any more humane than glue traps. Often, the mice are too smart to put their heads on the block (so to speak) and end up maimed when it comes snapping down on their paws or legs and tails. They will chew off an appendage to work themselves free and suffer in mass amounts of pain until they either heal or perish.

I have nothing but the utmost of love and respect for our rodent friends - hence why we run a "small animal" rescue. The small animals in question are actually rats. We're also on PetFinder.

More than once our rescue has included mice. We've even rehabilitated and released wild mice that were found in someone's dishwasher!

I'm sure you can understand why we're in a sticky situation with rodents who do not belong - closing our rescue down due to a communicable disease that came from within our own home could be devastating to our rescues.

Kim K.
Kim K10 years ago

I have to comment:
Glue traps are incredibly INHUMANE and cruel. Please, Care2 people, understand this from the animal's experience. A desperately frightened little mouse must endure a long and horrible death, slowly dying of thirst and hunger, his whole body immobilized by the glue.
Glue traps should be illegal, and we should have a petition somewhere on this website just for that purpose...
Back to the topic. If the plug in product doesn't work, and/or interferes with the comfort of other animals you have, how about humane live animal traps?? PETA sells them on their website. After trapping a mouse in the humane trap/house, you take the mouse out to someplace in nature, and set it free.
Then, there's always the traditional mouse trap that snaps shut. At least the poor animal would be killed instantly, and not forced to suffer a lingering bizarre death in a glue trap, or another drawn out horrible death from toxic chemicals/ poision bait.
Rodents are living beings, too. They spread disease, yes- but so do human beings.
Lets use the compassion we have, and apply it to all living beings.

Jennifer W.
Jennifer W10 years ago

This is a terrific humane choice for dealing with unwelcome rodents, but as my partner and I run a small animal rescue, driving our wards nuts isn't high on our list of agendas. However, we do have a problem with deer mice getting in downstairs. Glue traps are inhumane, but deer mice carry diseases that could make our critters sick and result in us needing to shut down our rescue. Any (humane and green) recommendations?

Traeci H.
Tracy H10 years ago

I have been using these (2 to each floor no less) for 2 months, and I still have mice. I wouldn't solely rely on these for pest control.

Charina Zoellers
RZ Z10 years ago

This product works! I plugged it in and the mice were soon scurrying around. It worked even better when I supplemented it with glue traps. We caught 4 mice in one night! 3 in one glue trap! Immediately after that, I haven't seen nor heard the mice. I am going to keep the Pestacator plugged in until it dies by itself. And even then, I will buy a new one to keep these pesky animals out of my house forever! Thank you for this advice! Its a big help!