Non-Toxic Giveaway: $100 MightyNest Gift Certificate

A few years ago, after learning more about BPA, PVC, formaldehyde, phtalates and the hundreds of other toxic chemicals that are leeching into our lives (and bodies!) via can linings, baby bottles, shower curtains, water bottles, and more, I ditched our Nalgene bottles in favor of stainless steel Kleen Kanteens, recycled all my plastic Tupperware and replaced it all with sturdy, non-toxic glass and metal storage containers. Here’s a shot of what my food storage drawer looks like nowadays (and you can find my post about it here.)
I’ve never looked back! Not only do I feel a lot better about the safety of the products I switched to, I also like them better. Unlike plastic, with glass and metal, there’s no staining, no odors, and the stuff is nicer-looking and very durable. What’s not to like?
That’s why I’m partnering with Mighty Nest to offer this new giveaway — a $100 gift certificate to MightyNest’s online store which features a hand-picked selection of the best kitchenware products to help you create a healthy, non-toxic kitchen. From glass bakeware and food storage to stainless steel kitchen essentials to safe dishware.
MightyNest is a wonderful company that is so serious about non-toxic everything that they’ve even developed their own seal of approval that lets you spot safe, non-toxic products at a glance. I discovered them when I was searching for Weck canning jars (the kind that has BPA-free, glass lids) for my Can You Can It? contest this summer.

Primary Entry: Visit Mighty Nest’s food storage page, browse through the products and pick out your favorite one. Then come back here and leave a comment in the comments section of the giveaway post on the Garden of Eating telling me the name and item number of your favorite product along with your name and some way to contact you in case you win.
Once you’ve submitted your primary entry, you can increase your odds of winning by entering again via any or all of the following three ways:

1. Share the giveaway on Facebook and leave me a comment on the giveaway post at the Garden of Eating to let me know you’ve done so.
2. Tweet about the giveaway, making sure to include both the URL: and the hashtag #bpafreegiveaway. You can also retweet a tweet that includes both the URL and the hashtag. Again, you must leave a comment on the giveaway post at the Garden of Eating to let me know you’ve tweeted it.
3. Re-post a link to the giveaway on your own blog or site, then leave the link to that page in the comments section on the giveaway post at the Garden of Eating.

That’s a total of four possible ways to enter (and win!) But please do NOT skip the little step of leaving a comment on the giveaway post at my blog to let me know about each thing you do or you won’t get the extra credit you deserve.

The contest begins today, December 2nd and ends at midnight on December 9th. The winner will be chosen at random (using and I’ll post the winner later that week.
Important! If you win but have left me no way to contact you, I’ll have to pick another winner. So if the profile you comment with is not linked to a working email address, you’d best include your email address (you can spell it out to discourage the spambots) in your comment.
Good luck!


Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

It's good durable stuff!

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

I love glass ware as they say it is clearly better

Eve Fox
Eve Fox6 years ago

Hi all, just to clarify, you must leave your comment on the original giveaway posting which is on my blog at: I'd hate for those of you who've left info here to not get entered!

Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti6 years ago

How do I share this on facebook?

Ann Margaret M.
Ann Margaret M6 years ago

Round TrueSeal Food Storage with White Lid (4 sizes) by Anchor Hocking
SKU: 91699W-1-AH : 0.1 cup, 2 cup, 4 cup or 7 cup

Thanks for the article and the chance for a free much-needed kitchen item!

Lucia D.

I like the Little Bites Silicone Storage Jars by Kinderville SKU: MN7321
Both me and my husband enjoy making new creations of left overs and sometimes something can be small but very good!

Jessica S.
Jessica S.6 years ago

The goal of not having any plastic storage or lunch containers is a quest that we all seem to share. It is amazing once you start reading how important it is.

What a great opertunity.

Julia P.
Julia P6 years ago

Love the Stackable Glass Jar with Lid! I'm always looking for these types of containers. They are so pretty when filled with beans or pasta.

I got rid of plastic containers when I started hearing about the health hazards associated with microwaving food in them. Would love to win the giveaway, so I could add to my safe containers. I have a teen who loves to take her own healthy lunches to school & MightyNest has many options.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson6 years ago