‘Normal Barbie’ is Coming to Toy Stores Soon

The so-called “Normal Barbie” isn’t affiliated with Mattel. She’s being created by an independent toymaker, and you can help!

The Normal Barbie’s name is Lammily, and she’s the result of crowd-sourced and independent research by designer Nickolay Lamm. Lamm created his first designs to answer the question “What if Fashion Dolls Were Made Using Standard Human Body Proportions?” The answer? Beautiful. And marketable!

His designs were featured all over the media, and folks wanted to know where they could buy a normal Barbie for their kids. The trouble was, Lamm didn’t have the resources to produce one. Yet.

Meet Lammily, the normal Barbie!

Our children’s toys play a powerful role in shaping their worldviews, and creating fashion dolls that look more like the average woman might just help young girls grow up with a healthier body image. You might feel like focusing on toys like this is silly. At a time when anorexia and bulimia are on the rise in girls as young as 10-15 years old, though, we need to do everything that we can to help our kids form a healthy body image. That starts with their toys.

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Lamm’s normal Barbie proudly proclaims that “Average is Beautiful.” Her measurements are the national average for a 19-year-old in the U.S., based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control.

My favorite feature about Lammily is probably her feet, though. She has moveable ankles, which means she can still rock Barbie-style heels, but she can also flex her feet and throw on a pair of sneakers! Check her out in the photo collage above on the way to the beach.

Normal Barbie is Coming to Toy Stores Soon!

Normal Barbie: How You Can Help!

Like I mentioned above, Lamm didn’t have the resources to produce Lammily, but he’s been working on it! He’s taking the same route that he did with his research and crowd-sourcing the funding he needs to put Lammily into production. He launched his crowd-funding campaign for Lammily on March 5th, and just over 24 hours later, it has already surpassed its funding goals.

The project is 158 percent funded as of this writing, which means this doll is happening! One of Lamm’s goals is to create additional dolls, so that Lammily can have a diverse group of friends. Hopefully, he’ll be able to raise enough extra funds to start working on some average pals for this average gal!

You can learn more about Lammily and donate to support the project on Lamm’s crowdfunding page.

Images by Nickolay Lamm, used with permission


Christine Jones
Christine J2 years ago

Love it.

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At least, but, alas, my days of playing with dolls are over.

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Thank you!

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Well done, Nickolay Lamm!

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It's a good thing, as long as they don't put a fat barbie out in the stores

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About time too!!!

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May all the world's daughters realise she is the new normal.

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Well done