Norway’s Reindeer Get Reflectors

In news straight from the Rudolph Files, Norway’s 200,000 reindeer are being fitted with reflectors to reduce the number of car crashes that kill around 500 of the animals each year. To date, almost 2,000 reindeer have been fitted with reflective yellow collars or small antler tags this month in a project of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Tests so far have shown that marked reindeer were much more visible in the dark than others. Several people are injured every year in car accidents involving reindeer, not to mention the fatalities suffered by the reindeer themselves. Indigenous Sami herders have experimented with attaching reflective tape to the animals but the glue failed in the cold. Finnish herders have also tried using a reflective spray, which seems like a true act of desperation–but it was unsuitable as it reduced the fur’s ability to keep out the cold. Not good.

Here’s to helping Norway’s reindeer, and a hearty skŚl to whomever instigated this new program.

photo credit: ALAMY


Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

What a simple yet brilliant idea!!!! It's refreshing to learn that there are actually some countries taking charge of animal welfare and doing their best to both protect animals and humans alike. It seems that here in N.America and pretty much in most countries they are intent on killing every last animal on this planet...just look at what's happening to the world's Wolves...every country wants them dead without exception. Hopefully some countries can adopt this idea and help our struggling animals. Thanks for this news.

Mandi A.
Amanda A6 years ago

haha good idea

Mahesh S.
Mahesh S7 years ago


Stäni S.

Great idea! But we really need reflectors on elks, deer and boars, too!

irene d.
irene davis7 years ago

thanks for posting. Great idea.

Ann J.
Anne Jacks7 years ago


Jean Sleigh
Jean Sleigh7 years ago

Yay! Great idea, practical on all levels! And... can be used in all countries around the world that have wildflife crossing busy roads. Thanks for posting. :)

Ann S.
Ann Sasko7 years ago

nice article

Linus Schonnings
Linus Schonnings7 years ago


brigitte hurford
brigitte h7 years ago

I was really heartened when I read this story - using man's ingenuity to help protect the animals. Although this scheme was adopted for (I believe Norwegian private herds) it would be great to apply this type of scheme to a variety of wildlife that are sadly, killed and injured every year by vehicles on our roads. Obviously it would be difficult to adopt this but one could start with say, any wildlife that is being released back into the wild after an injury or illness, etc .....There is ceertainly food for
thought .....