Nourishing the Collective Heart

I am passionate about the Global Coherence Initiative (CGI) and want to tell you more about it!

With an international membership of 60,834, GCI has developed advanced sensing technology to observe changes in the earth’s ionosphere and geomagnetic field that result from collective human emotional states, whether positive and coherent or negative and incoherent. Some have described it as listening in on the heart rhythms and brainwaves of our planet.

One of the questions GCI scientists ask is, “What if a critical mass of people intentionally generating positive coherent emotional states could positively affect the earth’s energetic fields in ways that help stabilize the fields and possibly our weather patterns?”

Coherence itself is not new. Human beings have always been able to achieve it — under the right conditions. It is our understanding of coherence that is relatively new — the result of recent investigations into its properties and benefits and how we can increase it.

Both IHM founder Doc Childre and IHM Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty have devoted many years to furthering our understanding and awareness of coherence. They collaborated on a comprehensive overview and analysis of coherence in an article for the journal, “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,” titled Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social and Global Health.


“Coherence implies order, structure, harmony — and alignment within and amongst systems — whether in atoms, organisms, social groups, planets or galaxies,” McCraty and Childre explain in their article. “This harmonious order signifies a coherent system whose efficient or optimal function is directly related to the ease and flow in life processes. By contrast, an erratic, discordant pattern of activity denotes an incoherent system whose function reflects stress and inefficient utilization of energy in life processes.”

One of the most interesting findings is that coherence in human physiology starts with the heart. McCraty and Childre have found that positive emotions such as appreciation and compassion are reflected in a heart-rhythm pattern “that is more coherent,” as opposed to negative emotions such as anxiety, anger and fear, which generate a heart rhythm pattern “that is more incoherent” as you can see from the picture on the right.

Repeated research studies have shown that individuals who intentionally generate such positive emotions were able to raise their coherence levels, which resulted in improved mental and intuitive clarity, greater resilience and more meaningful relationships.

Explore, Discover the GCI Experience

There are wonderful free tools and techniques for increasing your personal coherence and collective coherence on the GCI website, so that when requests go out to the Global Coherence community to radiate heart-coherent love, care or compassion energy, especially to areas in crisis, we are building the collective heart coherence level.

There are Personal and Community Trackers on the GCI Web site to help you track your progress, for those of you who like to do that. Personal trackers help you assess and manage your stress (incoherence) level as well as increase your heart coherence level. The Community Tracker lets you view the latest collective results of people anywhere in the world using the Tracker. Also on the My Member Page you’ll find a special Coherence Tools tab to help you and the community achieve heart coherence faster and sustain it longer. You have to become a member and log in to use these web apps, but becoming a member is free.


Radiate Coherent Energy Around our Planet

Coherent Energy

Another feature of the GCI Web site is the Global Care Room — a virtual global meditation space that is intended to help build a collective energetic field of love to surround our planet, which GCI sees as essential if we are to achieve a shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and more peace. When you enter the Global Care Room, you will see yourself and all the other people participating as points of light spread out over a rotating Google Earth. One point of light can represent an individual, a group or an entire audience participating at the same time. The Care Focus (e.g. sending coherent heart energy to victims of the Japan earthquake, during the uprising in Libya, to people suffering from drought and famine in Somalia, etc.) is printed in the Session Room along with optional music. (If you like your experience in the Global Care Room, please consider pasting the following link on your Facebook page or passing onto your friends or colleagues: Let’s create a big global swell of heart energy to nourish the collective heart.)

There is no better way, of course, to familiarize yourself with the Global Coherence experience, the coherence-building tools, the Trackers and the Global Care Room than by clicking your way through the website. From an in-depth discussion on the About Global Coherence page, to the listing of important dates for webinars and other activities on the Events page, to the live data from GCI’s magnetic field detectors monitoring the resonances occurring in the plasma waves of the ionosphere constantly circling the earth on the Monitoring System page — all can be found on the site.

If this excites you as it does me, check out Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social and Global Health to learn more about human resilience; the coupling of the heart’s energy field with information outside the human body; individual, social and global coherence — and the hypothesis of GCI that large numbers of people intentionally generating positive emotions from a heart-coherent state can modulate the earth’s energetic and geomagnetic fields and ultimately increase global coherence.

Join us for daily posts, community interactions and more on Global Coherence Initiative Facebook page, go to:

“This project [GCI] is a big step in the evolution of people on earth and is the closest plan I’ve seen leading to world peace that will actually be successful.”
—Kevin Hunter, Security, Naples, Fla.

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I had a few more thoughts on this subject:

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." --Buddha

I like the idea of giving off positive, happy vibes. Interesting if science could establish what Buddha already knew.

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