Obese Man Loses Custody of His Children

This morning I read the story about an Ottawa man who lost his children in a custody battle, at least in part due to his weight.† While the name of the man has not been released, according to The Globe and Mail, weight played a major factor in the judgeís decision.

The 38-year-old man now weighs 380 pounds.† A year ago when his kids were removed from his ex-wifeís home after her alleged drug overdose, he weighed 525 pounds.

According to the news article, at one time the man also was a chronic marijuana user, had a marijuana grow-op, and played video games for hours.† But, this doesn’t appear to be his current lifestyle.

While it is difficult to pin down the facts in this case because the manís identity is protected under the Child and Family Services Act, it appears that the man has made changes to improve his life to gain custody of his children who are now being put up for adoption.

I understand that after a certain weight a person may not be able to take care of his or her children because the weight constitutes a disability; however, I donít think 380 pounds is the magic number on the scale.† And, this man lost 145 pounds in a year.† Thatís impressive and a clear sign of an effort on his part to take charge of his life to transform his circumstances.† I also don’t think weight should be a factor in determining whether a person is a suitable parent.† If these are all the facts, I think his human rights were violated here.

Iíd love to know what you think.† Should the courts be able to use a person’s weight to determine his or her suitability to have custody of children?

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Jo S2 years ago

Thank you Michelle.

Amandine S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Jess No Fwd Plz K.
Jessica K4 years ago

If everything the writer says is correct, it does sound puzzling, as it does sound like the father was making improvements. But it appears from what the writer says not all the facts were made public. Perhaps something took place that is not apparent, and has nothing to do with this parent's weight.

Suzanne L.
Suzanne L5 years ago

She was a drug addict and he weighed 500 pounds. The article probably doesn't address all of the issues that were concerns to child services.

nairategev nairategev

If he can't keep healthy diet, it means he can make his kids obese, too. I'm sure that's what it's all about. I'm sure the Judge did't think "oh, he's obese, so he's not pretty, so I'll take his kids away". Scientists have proven that only 5% of people can't help being fat, others made themselves fat by wrong diet and lack of exercise.

Emily Drew
Emily Drew5 years ago

Good. He was a bad example for his cildren. If someone lets themselves become that obese then they will allow their kids to become that obese. You cannot properly take care of a child when you are that overwieght nor be a good role model.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

id have to know all the facts before making a judgement call here

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola5 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

Dale Overall

This is a violation of human rights and given the fact that this man has been attempting to reverse his previous behaviour the idea that his weight should have anything to do with parenting is ridiculous.

This edit has not been applied to other families where one or both of the parents are overweight and it is obvious that parents who are smokers of cigarettes are not banned from bringing up children either.

Anne Ortiz Talvaz

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