Old Habits Die Hard

I grabbed “Kundalini Rising” and went downstairs to read while my family slept in. The morning sun poured into the back of the house for the first time in days. I tended the cats, grabbed a snack, and settled into the corner of the couch. I turned on the television, partly out of habit, and partly to seeif the game was showing on our basic cable (otherwise, we’d planned to go somewhere this afternoon to watch it). After I found that it was scheduled, I didn’t turn off the television. For some strange reason, I thought the background noise would be good. I suppose that’s the habit part. 

Now, it’s an hour later–the sun is a good bit higher in the sky–and I have mindlessly eaten two things that don’t really fit in my meal plan, screwed around Facebook and looked at email (not to be confused with actually tending any of the emails and updates that need tending), and watched a sort of violent show that I’ve actually already seen. I haven’t yet read a single page of the book that I snuck down here to enjoy in the sacred silence of this beautiful morning.

And the most alarming part is that all of it happened without a hint of awareness on my part. I didn’t notice anything was off track until I wandered away from Facebook and landed on CNN’s homepage. That’s when the mental alarms began to sound… loudly. The news and I broke up this summer and the fact that I was there helped me recognize that something had gone terribly wrong.

The reality check was appreciated. I’m back in my body, the television is off, and I’m writing. Yay! I’m me again. All of this came just in time, too… as I hear the pitter patter of not-so-little feet coming down the stairs.

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

they can be difficult to break, but determination cures that!

Elisa Faulkner- Uriarte
Elisa F4 years ago

I think from time to time this sort of thing happens to most people. Thanks for sharing.

Liling O4 years ago

It is very true some old habits die hard, but I believe it is a matter of time that one can kick it away with a strong-will and a lot of support from family & friends

Valentina R.
Valentina R5 years ago

This article is not really helpful, is it.

Lynn D.
Lynn D5 years ago


Val M.
Val M5 years ago


Jennifer U.
Jennifer A5 years ago

It's easy to watch your life away with tv.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran5 years ago


Laura Fulmer
Laura Fulmer5 years ago

I know the feeling completely, as well.

Tim C.
Tim C5 years ago