A Tin Shed Turned Office & Studio

Australian architect Raffaello Rosselli celebrates the patchwork beauty of corroding steel by repurposing a humble tin shed into an office and studio in the inner-city suburb of Redfern, Sydney.

Rosselli preserves the memory of a neighborhood’s industrial past by saving the layers of corrugated iron, which had accumulated over generations of repair, from its last remaining industrial shed. Dilapidated and structurally unsound, the shed was disassembled in order to replace the structure and to add windows. Reassembling the patchwork of tin onto the new structure, Rosselli successfully turned a humble tin shed into an office and studio: Spot the difference.

Unless otherwise noted, photography by Mark Syke via Arch Daily.

Above: The vertical slats of the new gate are in keeping with the vertical striations of the corrugated metal.

Above: The tin shed remains contextual in scale.

Above: Neutral interiors contrast with the exterior patchwork patina.

Above: The fourth wall of the repurposed shed is concrete.

Above: Corten steel window frames match the corrugated metal panels. Photograph by Richard Carr.

Above: The tin shed before it was repurposed. Photograph by Raffaello Rosselli.

Above: A new office and studio. Photograph by Raffaello Rosselli.

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Good idea but I'm glad that it's not across the street from me.

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Wow, looks really big and airy inside!

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interesting approach that blends with the neighborhood and thus doesn't make it as likely a crime target

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Recycling is good...but this house could be much prettier with a thin layer of white paint...still letting the original colors coming through!....
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