Olive Oil for Flavor and Health

We’ve been hearing about the health benefits of olive oil for years now, but you might be very surprised to learn about some of its less publicized perks. Like leaner body weight—wow! In this segment of Healthy Eating with the Gallands, read about olive oil’s amazing potential and learn which olive oil has extra health-giving properties.

A Star of Global Cuisine
One of the first crops cultivated in the world, the olive produces excellent oil that has been treasured since antiquity for its rich flavor and versatile uses. In recent years, olive oil has become increasingly popular in global cuisine. New research has focused a considerable amount of attention on the significant health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil may help decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease. A study from Spain has shown that higher olive oil consumption was associated with leaner body weight. This demonstrates the importance of including the right types of healthy fats in an effective weight loss program, and why we use extra virgin olive oil in many recipes in our book The
Fat Resistance Diet

Exciting Potential Benefits

Research indicates the health benefits of olive oil can be traced to two main factors:

1. Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, which is highly concentrated in olive oil. Consumption of oleic acid may be associated with:

  • Reduction of total cholesterol and an increase in the high-density cholesterol (HDL-C), which has a protective effect on blood vessels.
  • Improved sensitivity of cells to insulin, which helps to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
  • Decreased risk of heart disease.
  • Decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Decreased risk of breast cancer.

2. Phenolic compounds, which are potent antioxidants found in virgin and extra virgin olive oil. These compounds give unrefined olive oils their distinctive flavors and high degree of stability. Studies indicate these compounds may help to:

  • Turn off the activity of genes that produce the kind of inflammation that causes coronary heart disease.
  • Decrease production of inflammatory chemicals.
  • Decrease the production of the most damaging form of cholesterol, oxidized LDL cholesterol.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Recent research has identified the antioxidant called oleocanthal, which is only found in extra-virgin olive oil. Oleocanthal is a natural inflammation-fighting compound with potency strikingly similar to that of the drug ibuprofen in inhibiting an enzyme that causes pain and inflammation.

A Delicious Oil for Kitchen and Table
The amount of olive oil associated with protection against inflammation is only two teaspoons a day, which is easy to achieve. We prefer to buy organic olive oil, because pesticides can accumulate in oils. A sprinkle of olive oil makes a simple salad dressing, and a little oil can be used for dipping bread, instead of butter. For free recipes that show you how to use olive oil, and a free one day meal plan visit


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Thank you.

Natasha Salgado
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Olive oil is great---but not all are equal and some can be downright unaffordable! Thanks

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Thank you for sharing.

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Ellen W.
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I have been using olive oil instead of butter or margarine for years. My Dr. just recommended I take 3 teaspoons a day straight. This article helped my understand why.

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Thanks for the comments. Will definitely check out the websites, Ersilia.


Ersilia M.
Ersilia M.8 years ago

There is so much misinformation about olive oil out there. Yes you can fry at high temperatures in olive oil-- and EXTRA VIRGIN is really the only olive oil to consider--- anything else has been extracted from the olives with chemical solvents. Do not cheat yourselves. Read this about frying in olive oil: http://www.greenmarketproducers.com/ask-ersilia-it-safe-fry-olive-oil. I am an olive oil sommelier and my mission is to help people better understand nature's most perfect food. My website has a plethora of information and recipes : http://www.oliveoiloftheworld.com

Christine F.

I love olive oil, and use mainly extra-virgin. If I'm wanting to fry with deeper oil or at higher temperatures, I always add a good portion of vegetable oil.
There are so many places where Olive Oil is brill - from salad dressing with lemon juice or a good vinegar, through mashed veg (instead of butter or marg), to occasional dipping for fresh crusty bread.