Once-Blind Photographers Capture Their Gratitude

Once blind, now they see, and a recent photography exhibit is a powerful reminder of the impact of cornea donation.

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank asked local cornea transplant recipients to take part in the Circle of Light Photo Project by submitting photographs representing what they are grateful to see with their restored vision. Cornea transplant recipients were happy to take up the challenge. Some had their eyesight back for only a few months when they took the photos, others for a few years, but all had their blindness cured thanks to eye donors in Colorado or Wyoming.

The photographs speak for themselves…the delicacy of a budding flower, the ability to read the printed word, appreciation of a peaceful sunset. What would you miss if you couldn’t see? The face of a loved one? The colors of autumn? You have the power to restore those precious sights through the gift of eye donation.

About the Photo

Ray Catalano, whose blindness was cured by cornea transplants, captured the above photograph in his mother’s garden. Catalano is one of 12 cornea transplant recipients whose photographs were featured in an exhibit in Denver at Artwork Network Gallery. Each of the amateur photographers faced blindness and restored sight because of someone’s choice to be an eye, organ, and tissue donor. Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank.

About Cornea Transplants

Cornea transplants cure corneal blindness, which accounts for about 10 percent of all blindness. If you wonder whether or not you are eligible to donate your corneas, it is important to note that good eyesight is not necessary. In fact, even legally blind people can donate their eye tissue. Medical evaluation at time of death ensures that organs are healthy enough to be used, so even if you’ve had health problems like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, you can still register to be a donor.

How To Become an Eye, Organ, and Tissue Donor

It costs nothing to become an eye, organ, and tissue donor, and in some states you can register when you apply for or renew your driver’s license. For more information about organ and tissue donation visit: donatelife.net | eyedonation.org | organdonor.gov

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This is a wonderful story! Can we see more of the photos, please?

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Thanks for this post. Every time I read something similar I remember that I haven't yet signed for any organ donation and I think it's one of the greatest things we can do in our life.

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It is great what somebody did. People should think more about donate organs after death to save another lives or give chanses to have a normal life for the ones with different problems.