How to Help Boston Marathon Victims

In addition to physical and psychological affects of the Boston Marathon bombings, survivors face steep medical bills for immediate and long-term care. Even those with health insurance may find it is not enough to cover expenses, especially for those who have lost limbs.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Menino recently announced the formation of The One Fund Boston, a central fund to take in donations to support those families who need help.

“At moments like this,” said Governor Patrick, “we are one state, one city, and one people.” Indeed, we are one country. Donations from individuals and corporations are already topping the $26 million mark, but medical expenses will be enormous.

“Within an hour, I had calls from business leaders and local philanthropists who, like me, were heartbroken by the impact this hideous tragedy has had on individuals, their families, and friends,” said Mayor Menino. “And they want to do everything they can to help these people physically and psychologically in the future.”

How to Donate to One Fund Boston
Donate online at

Volunteer Your Time
Volunteers are needed to staff the One Fund Boston phone lines until Saturday, May 11th. [Details]

How to Receive Help from One Fund Boston
The injured, their families, and the families of the deceased may register at You may also call: 1-855-617-FUND.

About One Fund Boston
One Fund Boston was established by the Mayor of Boston and Governor of Massachusetts as a central depository for charitable contributions to benefit victims of the tragic April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings and the events that followed.

Boston law firm Goodwin Procter has volunteered to organize The One Fund Boston and is applying for 501(c)(3) status. One Fund Boston, Inc. will apply for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Although the Fund cannot guarantee that the IRS will make a determination that the organization qualifies as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity, if approval is received within the expected time frame, the determination will be retroactive to the date of the Fundís formation.

Other organizations working with Boston victims (from†Huffington Post):


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Kay Martin
.4 years ago

I first made a comment on this article Ann, on May 5th, 2013, only part of my comment got posted, so I waited to see if it would appear later, it is now 3 weeks later and the rest of the comment never appeared, As I was saying donate to the red cross of go to the internet and donate directly to the injured victims themselves, Do Not Donate to Boston One, and Do Not Let This Man handle any of your money. He gets a commission on each of these jobs he oversees. Just look up how many times he has been in charge of distributing funds for victims and how many times victims have been denied their money because of this guy turning them down. How many lives does he have to ruin before he goes away. let us see if this comment gets posted...... period.

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

There're a lot of ways

Kay Martin
.4 years ago

Ann, thank you for your article; I was planning on making my donation to Boston One, till I found out who is in charge of disbursing the funds, It is the same guy who did 9/11 and who did the BP. Spill here in Louisiana, I do not know how the applicants in New York finally got their money, but here in Louisiana This man denied so many needy people who really deserved this settlement, Just because they were poor cajun, poor black, or poor immigrants from vietnam that made their living shrimping, crabbing, fishing, digging for oysters, crawfishing, hunting aligators, they live on what they catch, when they buy something they pay cash, when they sell the catch at the dock it is done in cash., none of these people live on credit cards, so they could not show this guy receipts for what their expenses and income were, so they got no money for what they lost. So that meant no money to pay rent food etc. and no job to make money, because the gulf was closed to all forms of work except the clean up. Speaking of clean up the chemicals BP used made them all sick, no medical coverage Oh but all these big Corporations, City governments, Vacation Hotels, They had credit card receipts so they got more than enough to cover their loss, plus they got to open the business again, There is no business for these poor people of Louisiana, and this man did that to them, Do Not Let This Man Handle Boston's Money......period. I am going to send my donation to either the Red

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Great article. Thanks for sharing.