One Unexpected Remedy for Your Seasonal Allergies

Most of us love sugar. Even health-nuts.

People with the strictest diets are still so often unwilling to give up their sugar. Agave nectar, raw honey, brown rice syrup, sugar cane juice, apple juice and sugar in the raw are just a few of the many examples of sugars being considered healthy. But they’re not. They’re all refined sugars.

In nature, sugar wasn’t so easy. We weren’t meant to have so much.

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What’s wrong with refined sugars?

Candida, bacteria and other parasites. Sugar even promotes viruses. And even if your healthy sweetener is fresh squeezed apple juice, that’s still a refined sugar.

Allergies are typically the first sign of Candida or another imbalance of the body. This is not limited to seasonal allergies—I’m also talking about pet allergies, dust allergies, food allergies, etc.

I’m not saying to never have refined sugars. Sometimes I do eat them. I call them “healthier” sugars. They certainly have their place. But if you find yourself having them every day you’re taxing your system.

Try this natural remedy for one week!

If you’re someone who takes good care of herself and you are wondering if it’s possible to get rid of your allergies, give this a try for a week—give up all refined foods. All refined sugars, all refined grains, all refined foods. Try it for a week.

Cut out all sugars. I recommend even cutting out fruit, carrot and beet juice. As your allergies subside (and they almost always do) slowly add in fruits back into your diet and see what happens. If all goes well, try some fresh juices and the occasional sweetener. Just keep listening to your body and make adjustments as needed.

Listen to this latest Green Divas Health & Beauty segment with Green Dude Michael, who swears by his seasonal allergy remedy (and you probably havent heard about this one before).

Written by Green Dude Michael Edwards for Green Divas.

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AndI Bee
AndI B2 years ago

The reason behind giving up on sugar is to do so until the candida infection is starved of its sugar food supply and thus weakened. We need to do more, though, than just cutting out sugar if we want a long term cure to allergies. Candida infections are often subtle but underlying causes of allergies AND asthma and this root cause is overlooked completely when we deal with the effect with skin creams, antihistamines and inhailers, rather than the cause: candida. Candida is like athletes foot; really hard to get rid of and you have to continue treatment after the symptoms have gone. Same thing for when it's in our system affecting us in the way of allergies, asthma etc.
Get rid of he candida completely and as long as you don't get re-infected, a little bit of sugar should be ok. But a system full of sugar is an open invitation to candida.
Be well, be good, be kind and be happy! :-)

Janice Thompson
Janice T3 years ago

Yes, I have done this many times and alas, it doesn't help me.

Anne K.
Anne K3 years ago

Thank you!

barry Werbowsky
barry Werbowsky3 years ago

I must say, sugar is public enemy #1 here!! Is it really that bad in moderation,I don't think so.

Sarah Hill
Sarah H3 years ago

Hard to find local honey, but thanks.

Anna Undebeck
Anna U3 years ago


Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

Bill Eagle
Bill E3 years ago

Ouch! Giving up all sugars, including fruit sugars is really hard.

Jane C.
Jane C3 years ago

Interesting idea, but it would be difficult to carry out, I think.

Laura Saxon
Past Member 3 years ago

I don't use honey for my allergies, but thanks for sharing.