Orange Crush

Perhaps it’s from the autumn air, or simply the undeniable warmth exuded by citrus hues–either way, we’re loving the use of orange to punch up a room. As these looks attest, small and large doses of this color adds big impact.

Above: Originally seen in Domino Magazine, this brightly painted children’s bedroom brings on the cheer, making for a happy place to play and rest.

Above: The classic enamel of Le Creuset cookware is too fun to keep hidden in cabinets, providing a less permanent means to add bold color to the kitchen.

Above: Those looking for a unique way to add some orange punch may want to take a cue from architect Roy McMakin’s idea of painting the window trim.

Above: Architects Dowling Kimm add orange zest to this San Francisco apartment via artwork and a ceramic vase.

Above: A minimal and neutral bedroom punctuated with two small orange accents.

For more ideas on incorporating orange into the home, check out Remodelista’s posts Palette & Paints: Children’s Room Orange and Steal This Look: Orange Children’s Playroom.


Bob P.


Kristina C.
Kristina C6 years ago

Thank you. I painted my dining room once a suble brown pumpkin orange during the fall and loved it against my dark furniture. The warm glow of the room was awesome during the fall and winter. In the spring it became 'heavy' and in the summer I changed it. Orange walls during a Florida summer was too much - even for me.

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Unnikrishnan Sasi


Kashara M.
Kashara M6 years ago

Awesome! I love the color orange!

Rita White
Rita White6 years ago

Thank you for the article

Yvette S.
Past Member 6 years ago

Thank you for the article. Color is so vital to our moods, and intrinsically linked to many subconscious emotional responses we experience. I decided to leave the political forum of this site for a light, fresh and lovely visual of various things, and here was this article..I love orange, but more importantly I love the fact Care2 represents the full spectrum of life..the good, the bad, and the ugly..and an opportunity to respond to them all one way or the other.

Bill K.
Bill K6 years ago

i like this color for a room. unfortunately i live in an apartment so i have to live with my landlord's standard and totally unoriginal off-white, or as i call it - puke.

Jillian B.
Jillian B6 years ago


Duane B.
.6 years ago

It's always interesting to see how trends in colors are recycled over the years. I had a room in orange in the 1970's, and I loved it. Maybe it's time to have one again!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago