Organic Facials for Dry, Winter Skin

During the long winter months, it’s important to pay special attention to your skin. “Skin loses its healthy glow, so you need to exfoliate more often, at least twice a week,” says Julie Lindh, spa and skin care director at Townhouse Spa in New York City. “A facial every six weeks is ideal for someone who needs a lot of extractions,” she adds.

Other seasonal skin care tips? To retain moisture, make sure to use tepid, not hot water, when cleansing, advise the spa experts at Willow Stream The Spas at Fairmont. Opt for a gentle cleansing cream or milk instead of lipid-stripping soaps, and stay away from products that contain fragrance and irritating ingredients.

And as basic as it may seem, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate by drinking plenty of fluids. Add professional facials to the mix and your skin will thank you.

The Natural Results Facial
Spa on Green Street, Gainesville, GA
50 minutes, $110
Product line: Anakiri
Best for: Anyone who wants a nutritional facial, says owner and founder Erich Worster.
Worst for: Someone who’d like a chemical peel or drastic exfoliation.

“Facials can be put into two categories,” says Worster. “A serious exfoliating or peel-type facial and a regenerating facial.” This is obviously the latter. Pumpkin enzymes and high concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants are combined in a new peel-off mask that uses natural ingredients (most peel-off masks use a synthetic ingredient that has a similar odor to a plastic pool liner, says Worster).

Organic Facial
Aqua Sulis Spa at the JW Marriott
Las Vegas, Nevada
50 minutes, $125; 80 minutes $165
Product line: Eminence
Best for: Those seeking a natural, anti-oxidant-rich treatment.
Worst for: There are no contraindications for this facial, says Nichole Pfeifer, assistant spa director.

A customized facial using a Hungarian skin care line that combines organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs to balance skin. “This is a very popular treatment for our guests who like natural ingredients,” explains Pfeifer. The customized facial uses a Hungarian skin care line that combines organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs to help balance the skin. A Rosehip and Maize exfoliating mask includes lime to increase blood circulation, adding a special glow, while the Carrot vitamin mask helps to hydrate. A relaxing facial massage is performed with a Pear and Green Appple massage “souffle.”

Awakening the Senses Facial
The Lodge at Woodloch, A
Destination Spa, Hawley, PA
75 minutes, $170
Product line: Astara
Best for: All skin types.

Intended to awaken all of the senses, this facial incorporates the synergy of aromatherapy, color, healing sound, and a choreographed facial stone massage, explains Ginny Lopis, co-owner. A gentle marine peel, age-defying complex serum and two nutrient-rich masks help to restore skin and moisturize. “Our philosophy is based on the concept of awakening—which refers to becoming more conscious and aware of how we live our lives,” says Lopis. “Taking responsibility for our health and well-being includes becoming more conscious of the ingredients in the products we use and supporting the use of more healthy products and practices. We feel Astara shares this philosophy with us and does what they can to produce enlightened skin care products.”

The Townhouse Purifying Facial
Townhouse Spa, New York, NY
60 minutes, $150
Product line: Laboratories Luzern
Best for: Tired, lackluster skin or “city skin,” as Julie Lindh, spa director, refers to skin showing signs of stress
or a poor diet.
Worst for: Those with severe acne, as this is a detoxifying facial that may bring more to the surface.

This nourishing facial uses a line full of certified bio-Swiss organic extracts, cutting-edge cosmeceuticals, and something called gemmotherapy (gemma, is derived from the Latin word meaning bud or pearl), based on the high potential actives—the life force— hidden in buds (the organically grown Beech tree bud in this case). Stand-out products in this facial include an oxygen detoxifying fluid that’s massaged into the face and décolleté, an intense Serum Absolut, depending upon skin type, and a Pure Oxygen Treatment Mask with Co-Q10. A relaxing hand treatment adds a luxurious touch.

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By Margaret Coventry, Organic Spa magazine


Ali Mason
Ali Mason8 years ago

The avacado is optional to the himalayan, chamomile tea, salt and oil mixture.

Ali Mason
Ali Mason8 years ago

Wow, in this economic time of crunch, I cannot believe that these over the top spa treatments were actually posted and suggested. Save your precious dollars, invite some girlfriends over or just have a spa night in your own home. All you need is (Sweet) Almond Oil, chamomile tea bags, himalayan salt, sugar cane crystals, avacado (pureed) and tomatoes. Cut a small piece of tomato and rub in circular motions on your face. Your skin will start to tingle. The tingling is a good sign. Rinse with cool water. (don't use hot water or warm or steam on your face, it will usually induce boils or open your pores too much allowing everything in and using warm/hot water to open the pores and then cold water to close them causes the skin to lose elasticity). After you have rinsed the tomato off your skin, you are going to make a concoction. Use a small bowl and empty the contents of a chamomile tea bag, a teaspoon of himalayan salt, a teaspoon of sugar cane, and enough almond oil to make a paste. Be careful of your eyes when applying. With your ring fingers and baby fingers, rub the paste in circular motions down to your neck. Rinse thorougly with water, you may have to use a tissue first to remove the volume of the paste. Your skin will feel soft and smooth and it also is an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and dry skin. You don't need to leave it on your face for an extended period of time. Almond oil is also a natural subsitute for moisturizer and is much cheaper.

Margaret Chau
Margaret C8 years ago

Thanks Karen for that wonderfully simple and effective facial recipe! Much cheaper too ;-)
I often use yoghurt and honey, but your recipe is way less messy!

Julie M.
Julie M8 years ago

Thanks Karen for the DIY facial recipe. I will give it a try! :o)

Karen S.
Karen S8 years ago

Here's an organic facial that won't set you back $150: Pour some whole organic milk into a bowl. Add a little organic honey and stir until the honey is dissolved. Soak a washcloth in the mixture, put it on your face for 10 mins, and rinse. The lipids in the milk are a natural moisturizer (skin's natural oils are also lipids) and the honey's antibacterial properties help to gently purify skin.