Organic Food Delivery Services Growing in the U.S.

By Samantha Bandasack for Diets in Review

No time to go to pick up your organic grocery items? No problem. A growing number of businesses are now delivering organic food to people’s doorsteps. One such company is Door to Door Organics, which delivers organic groceries throughout Colorado, Kansas City, Chicago, Michigan, and some East Coast areas. In an effort to expand, the company recently received a $2 million investment from Greenmont Capital to offer even more services nationwide.

Door to Door Organics has been in business for nearly seven years and commits to buying products from local, organic farmers. Those living in areas where Door to Door Organic delivers can sign up for delivery through the company’s website.

The company offers 30 different categories of organic food to choose from, including fruits, vegetables, household items, snacks, special diet items and sweets. The items available for delivery depend on what’s in season at the time.

Door to Door’s items are within the price range of typical grocery store organic fare. To keep prices even more affordable, the company also offers a “sale” category with certain products on sale for a limited amount of time. Customers receive one delivery per week of at least four to five types of fruits and vegetables that can be individually selected on the website.

While Door to Door has remained one of the few companies of its kind, it’s recently gained some competition. Farmigo has the same concept as Door to Door, except customers pick up their food items at a set location. This option is viewed as more favorable as the buyers have a direct connection with farmers.

In addition to Farmigo, other competitors of Door to Door Organics include Greenling, Relay Foods, and Fresh Food to You – all of which have the same general business conceptsbut deliver to various location across the U.S.

Fresh Food to You’s prices vary depending on the type and size of each customer’s order. A small mix of fruit and veggies will cost around $25, while a “More Valley Box” – the company’s largest box of fruits and vegetables – is priced at $44.

The term “organic” refers to the way produce is grown, processed, and what substances can be used in the production of the food. Those curious can find the USDA Organic standards on the organization’s website.

The organic food market has grown considerably in the last several years as people are trying to eat healthier and become more conscious of what they put in their body.After all, the idea that organic is always better has been instilled in our culture’s way of thinking whether it’s true or not.

Even though organic products often carry a higher price tag, it’s no surprise that customers of Door to Door Organics and other organic food delivery services are willing to dish out a little more money to know they have the highest quality food available to them in their area.

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