Oroeco Makes It Simple To Track Your Carbon Footprint

We live in a consumerism world. Products are packaged up nicely into stores that fit our wants, interests and needs. Or, you can go online and get instant gratification without putting your pants on and leaving the house. Technology has made consumerism much easier for the consumer and businesses alike.

Oroeco is looking to use that same accessible technology to make consumerism something that is thoughtful and impacting for its users. Users can sign up for a free profile at oroeco.com and start tracking how the way they consume affects our planet.

The application tracks what you buy and puts a carbon value on those items, as well as your transportation habits and energy usage at home.

“Climate change is a massive collective action problem that requires a massive collective action solution,” said Oroeco CEO Ian Monroe. “We’re working hard to make Oroeco the world’s tool for acting on climate together.”

According to Monroe, the company currently has users in 139 countries, with that number growing.

How Oroeco tracks its users’ consumer habits is that it links credit cards, banking and investment accounts with life-cycle assessment (LCA) data to gauge your impact. What LCA does is track a product’s impact from ‘the cradle to the grave.’ This is where the users will get their impact results.

Since Oroeco wants to be as accessible to users as possible, you are able to customize your profile depending on how much information you choose to give.

“Our goals is to make Oroeco engaging for everyone, so we’re working to make Oroeco as customizable as possible,” Monroe said. “We’ve also written our terms of use and privacy policy to protect all users’ personal data, and we’re implementing the best data security measures that we can. We take data security and privacy very seriously, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve them further.”

Users can login (without giving any connection to their individual accounts or purchases) and complete a survey to help get a picture of their footprint. Users also have the option to sign up with Mint.com, a personal finances app, to help organize financial data in a safe and secure way. 

As you use the app, you will get tips on not only how to improve your carbon footprint, but also ways you can save money. By using and interacting with Oroeco, reaching personal goals and lowering your impact, users receive incentives like cash, points or sustainable products. You can also compete with other users through team challenges on the platform.

Oroeco doesn’t just show your personal strides, but you can also compare your impact and usage with other users through Facebook, giving a competitive aspect to the app.

“We all need to work to help solve climate as quickly as possible if we want to avoid catastrophe for people and the planet, and we think Oroeco is a key piece to the puzzle,” Monroe said. “So we’ll constantly be working to make Oroeco more local and global at the same time, adding in features that delight, engage and drive real change.”

Currently, the Oroeco team is working on unveiling its mobile application, starting with the Apple iOS platform, then moving on to Android shortly after. Additionally, Oroeco is working on launching a low-carbon investment fund, which will help de-carbonize investment portfolios.

“This investment fund was a side project that’s turned into something huge that may reshape the finance world, since our current prototype funds are actually both lower carbon and making more money than almost everything else on the market,” Monroe said. “Our funds don’t include any fossil fuel companies, and the amazing returns we’re seeing so far are dispelling the lie that fossil fuels are necessary for a healthy portfolio.”


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