Our Five Sacred Teachers

Life is a journey and the route is essentially the same for everyone, even though we start in different settings and with different baggage. Everybody is born, everybody dies, and most of us go the full cycle from birth through childhood, puberty, and maturity to death.

To be wise we have to know just how our psyches were formed, how they were wounded, how they were blessed. Our wounds and our blessings are the raw material of our enlightenment. The more consciously we process them, the closer we move to fulfilling our psychic potential.

The answers lie in our personal histories. Find out who the five sacred teachers are on your life journey, and what they teach us, here:

Our five sacred teachers are mother, father, self, society, and universe. These give us all the personal wisdom we need to know. These guides are crucial to our personal development. They are our mirrors. It is from them that we learn our basic life instincts, our spontaneous ways of being, of responding to lifeís challenges.

Our mothers catalyze our nurturing instincts. Our fathers, our fellowship instincts. We catalyze our own internal instincts, and society–the other people and social institutions in our lives–catalyze our social instincts. Contemplation and wisdom about our oneness with the universe brings out our instinct for the eternal, what really lasts and matters. This final instinct comes only with the integration of the prior four in the psyche. And only when we connect with the eternal can we die in fullness and peace.

Adapted from Maps to Ecstasy, by Gabrielle Roth (New World Library, 1989). Gabrielle Roth is speaking at the Fearlessness Conference sponsored by the Omega Institute. For information, see www.eomega.org


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