Papa John’s Vows to Stop Using Gestation Crate Meat

Pizza powerhouse Papa John’s has made a commitment to stop working†with suppliers that are raising sows in gestation crates. This move†comes as the food industry as a whole is shifting away from the use of†that practice.

Gestation crates are small cages used to confine pregnant sows. These†cages are so small that the sows cannot turn around in them, and nearly all movement is extremely limited. While the practice of using them†has been criticized for many years by special interest groups, the†issue has become more popular recently. Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s,†Burger King and Wendy’s are all working to get rid of gestation†crates.

Unfortunately, stopping the use of the crates is not something that†can happen immediately. Papa John’s is the most recent in a list of†companies to create a timeline for the phasing out of the gestation†crates. It is also a member of a group of companies seemingly making a†bigger commitment to providing better, and better raised food to†customers.

Earlier this year, Chipotle made the announcement they were working to†provide food that is completely free of GMOs. †As people become more†curious about where their food comes from, and more adamant about how†itís treated. Stories like these will become less newsworthy and more†of the norm.

In Papa Johnís case, they are looking at their current practices and†finding them less than desirable. On their website, the company†explains their stand on the topic of animal rights and humane†treatment. “Papa John’s International specifies that proper and human†animal welfare practices should be followed during every step of†processing.”

The site also states that they support the industry move away from the†traditional gestation crates. “[We] are encouraging our suppliers to†explore alternative pregnant sow housing options.”†Papa John’s has over 4,000 stores and features pork in many of their†menu items, including pepperoni and sausage. They plan to have†”significant movement” away from gestation crates by 2022. Because it†is a traditional practice, it will take a significant overhaul of the†pork industry to completely remove gestation crates.


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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Julianna D.
Juliana D4 years ago

When I see this advertised and proved. I might go get a pizza.

Andrew Pawley
Past Member 4 years ago

Another good reason to avoid fast food places and give up meat.

Susan B.
Susan B4 years ago

You can do a little thing in this big world to help solve the problem of horrific animal killing. VEGETARIAN or VEGAN.

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Papa John will say anything now to get more trade, as he has alienated people over his big mouth remarks earlier.

JoAnn Paris
JoAnn Paris4 years ago

If this is true it is good news.

Rhonda Bird
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Good news. Thank You!

G. C.
G. C4 years ago

Maybe if we can convince big businesses to do the right thing, it will spread across the country and the world~ Maybe...