Peace: What We Have Forgotten

Here is a whole new way to view the issue of peace. After reading this thought-provoking poem, you may be inspired to pass it along to your friends. The collection it comes from is filled with beauty; look on the right side of this page for a link to buy it on Amazon.

By Elizabeth Cunningham

The problem is
people think peace is boring
we have lost our imagi-
nations. We have forgotten
the fluidity of peace
how it is like all the muscles
rippling to lift the dancerís leg,
how it is the slow rhythm of tidal rivers
how it is clouds forming and dispersing
how it is a flock of birds turning as one
in evening sky
how it is food laid out on a round table
and honest struggle
between lovers and friends
how it pulses in our blood
how it sings in our ears
how the death of each tiny thing
is held secure in its arms
with the life. We have forgotten
how boring it is to kill each other
how predictable.
There is much more suspense
in peace.

For more inspiring poems, be sure to check out Small Bird.

Inspired by Small Bird: Poems and Prayers, by Elizabeth Cunningham (Station Hill Press, 2000).


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Stephen L5 years ago

I speak as a long-time peace activist when I say that those who do no more than posting some feel-good comment here are a serious part of the problem.

Stephen S.
Stephen L5 years ago

Everybody please say "I am for peace!" and then, having done your duty, move on to another site.

Christine Jones
Christine J5 years ago

First poem I've read for a while. Thanks.

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Thanks for posting.

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Imagine IF "PEACE" was the indicator on the stock market paying the very highest of guaranteed returns. Would ALL people invest in it????
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