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I am very blessed to be able to do work in the world that truly makes my heart sing. I won’t go through the story of how I got started on this journey as it is listed on our website, www.CelebrateYourLife.ORG under the “ABOUT” section, but suffice to say I get to meet and work with some of the country’s most sought after best authors and spiritual teachers.

I recently had a phone conversation with Dan Millman in preparation for his appearance at our Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago in June.  Dan is best known for his highly acclaimed NY Times bestselling book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and his story was depicted in the film Peaceful Warrior starring Nick Nolte.

Our phone conversation reminded me of when I first met Dan, he was everything I expected.  Being a huge fan of his work, I remember feeling a bit intimidated, but he immediately disarmed me with his gentle and kind manner.  He is that peaceful warrior that one might imagine him to be and most especially when teaching where he has been known to demonstrate his Olympic medal gymnastic skills.  I remember a workshop participant being completely amazed at Dan’s ability to address an audience as he did a hand-stand on top of a small cocktail table on the stage.  He is not without creating a fun and humorous atmosphere while discussing life’s most contemplated issues.

In his recent book that was just  released, Millman goes even deeper into the realms of what life is about and our purpose on planet Earth.  With endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ken Wilber and Quincy Jones to name a few, it is no wonder that Millman’s book is capturing worldwide attention.

The Four Purposes of Life was born from Dan Millman’s decades long search to make sense of life. He distills his experience into a concise map of this journey and the full scope of what we are each here to accomplish on planet Earth.

He discusses in detail The Four Purposes of Life which include:

1. learning life’s lessons
2.  finding your career and calling
3. discovering your life path
4.  attending to this arising moment

Some of the topics in the book also include, the higher purpose of daily life, twelve required lessons in the school of life, how to make better decisions in career and relationships and keys to mastering the most important purpose of all.

Prepare yourself to feel awakened by his wisdom and insights.  I was not surprised when I read the reviews on this book and saw how many people resonated with the depth yet simplicity of its content.

In the prologue of the book,  Millman shares the following:

“With the pace of life accelerating, in a world of change, it’s not easy to maintain our balance and sense of direction. Yet we strive to do so, because a sense of direction, toward a meaningful goal, may be the better part of happiness. In this pursuit, the journey may indeed matter more than the destination — but without a destination to aim for there is no journey; we can only wander.

We humans are goal seekers from infancy, drawn by the objects of our desire. But somewhere along the way, most often in the dilemmas and angst of adolescence, a sense of confusion obscures the simple desires of childhood. What we want is muddied by expectations about what we (or others) think we should do. We begin to doubt our desires, mistrust our motives, and wonder where we’re going and why.”

From the book The Four Purposes of Life.  Copyright © 2011 by Dan Millman. Reprinted with permission of H J Kramer / New World Library, Novato, CA.

He continues throughout the book to answer those questions about why we are here and what is our true purpose.

Once again, Millman has given us a simple but extremely profound piece of work that explains very complex ideas in language that is easy to understand.  He comes across with such grace and spiritual maturity which does not surprise the reader if you are familiar with his prior work.

Dan Millman travels around the world presenting workshops and seminars and as I shared previously he will be one of the featured speakers at our upcoming Celebrate Your Life conference on June 10 – 13 in Chicago.  Over 25 speakers will be joining Millman at Celebrate Your Life, including Marianne Williamson,  Doreen Virtue, Lisa Williams, Iyanla Vanzant, don Miguel Ruiz and many other luminaries.  Attendees travel from all over the world to attend this gathering filled with powerful life-changing workshops.  For more information visit: www.CelebrateYourLife.ORG or call Mishka Productions at:  877-300-7352.


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