Pet Buffalo Rides in Car

A 1,600 pound buffalo named Bailey Jr. takes rides in a customized Pontiac sedan driven by Jim Lautner. Lautner and his wife Linda take care of Bailey Jr. and take him out on the town, sometimes even to a bar for a beer. “They garner a lot of attention, needless to say and if you are on the buffalo side, you can’t see Jim driving. It’s quite hilarious,” said Linda Lautner. (Source: Toronto Sun)

Animal Planet has filmed the bison and Jim driving around and playing together for a documentary which will be shown sometime in the spring. Bailey Jr. is tame and said to be well-behaved. He is named after Bailey Sr., another bison kept by Mr. Lautner who died in a farm accident. Mr. Lautner was very upset about the loss, due to his close relationship with the animal. Bailey Sr. was also something of a movie star, having appeared in a number of Hollywood films earning up to $1000 per day. He also met the Queen of England, let Lautner ride him and was taught how to line dance. (He even has a Facebook page. )

Bailey with Lautner

buffalo with man

The senior Bailey was said to have been better at following commands and doing tricks than some dogs. Lautner started training him at the age of nine months, but with Bailey Jr. he started at Day 1, and apparently Junior already knows more tricks. Of course, working with such a large animal isn’t for everyone, and even Lautner has had some close calls. Eventually they plan to take him to parades and stampedes to perform, perhaps even in Asia.

(Image Credits: Jim Lautner)

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Birgit W.
Birgit W4 years ago

I guess you have to have a very big car! Thank you

Bethany M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Pet buffalo?

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago


Erika M.
Erika M5 years ago

Too cool! I saw a picture some time ago of a guy driving down the road with a cow in his car. This makes that kind of pale in comparison.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!

Karen B.
Karen B6 years ago

Very cute.

Judy H.
Judith Howard7 years ago

Hoping that training methods aren't cruel. Too many times the trainer appears as a nice guy but behind the scenes is another story.

Rose B.
Rose Balcom7 years ago

I sure hope people do not think every one from Alberta, Canada have bison for pets! These incredible animals can be very tame to humans. But these are herd animals. Being with a herd of bison is where he will belong as he matures. Take that away from him is nothing short of cruel.

Athanassia M.
Athanasia M7 years ago

Friedship has no frontiers, I love to see such a huge animal behaving as a small loving pet.
You konw this story reminds me of a Greek proverb that says "tell me who is your friend, to tell you who you are"