Pet-Friendly DIY Decor for the Holidays

It’s almost time for the Holidays! That means Christmas trees, beautiful lights, and unfortunately, many dangers for your pets. But all is not lost! Read through our list of pet-friendly holiday decorations that you can do yourself or with your kids, and start decorating.


Plastic bulb ornaments

For this ornament, you start off with a clear, plastic bulb. The key word here is plastic. Glass bulbs can be pulled off your tree by your pets and break, causing a dangerous environment for your pets to be around, if they walk through it or ingest it. Here’s a list of everything else you’ll need:

  • A few colors of paint (non-toxic)
  • A tray to place the bulb in (or any kind of stand it can rest stable on)
  • A few helpful hands!

This craft is very simple to make and great for kids. Just follow these instructions:

First you remove the cap off the plastic bulb.

Sit the bulb in your tray with the open end facing up towards you.

Next take the paint and start squeezing it into the bulb.

Choose how much of each color you want to include, and get creative!

Once the paint is in the bulb, put the cap back on, and shift the paint around until it fills the sides of the whole bulb and you like how it looks. Feel free to add more paint if you need to!

Remove the cap, sit it upside down in your tray with some paper towel to catch the excess paint, and let it dry overnight.

Pick it up the next day and put it on your tree!


Felt Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are beautiful, and are a holiday staple in many peopleís homes, but they can be very dangerous for your pets. Cats like to climb trees and if your tree isn’t tethered strong enough it could topple and injure your cat. Thatís why you can consider a felt Christmas tree for your house!

What you’ll need:

  • Green felt (1 yard)
  • Squares of craft felt in assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Card stock
  • Colored markers
  • Adhesive strips

Take the green felt and fold it in half. Outline half of a Christmas tree and then cut it on the fold so your tree is even.

Cut out ornament shapes from the assorted colors of craft felt.

Decorate the ornament cut-outs with your colored markers, and tape them onto your tree. Make sure the tree is still out of reach of your pets, as ingesting one of the ornaments could still be bad for them.

Voila! A pet safe and child-proof Christmas tree.

Tie Holiday Wreath

This Holiday wreath is easy to make, and keeps you away from tinsel and artificial garland which can be dangerous for your pets if ingested – because it’s made of ties!

What you’ll need:

  • 14 inch wire wreath (from a crafts shop)
  • 19 ties
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Start by cutting all of the ties to 15-inch lengths.

Choose a spot on your wire and position the narrow end of the first cut tie, front side up. Wrap the tie around the wire until the pointed end is pointing down, and secure it with pins.

Repeat this step with the other 18 ties.

Flip the wreath over and sew the rolled up ties to the backs of the points.

Tip: You could also use unwanted T-shirts. Cut off the sleeves and cut the body into strips to wrap around your wire.


What decorations NOT to use

Even with pet-friendly decorations, it’s important to make sure they are all still out of the reach of your pets. It’s amazing what pets can ingest if they have the opportunity.

In general, if your pet is showing interest in any of your decorations that could be hazardous, it’s wise to remove them from your house.

If you have pets, tinsel is something you should not have around your house at all. Cats can be especially drawn to the shiny string and if eaten, it can get caught in their intestine. This can cause intestinal obstruction that may require surgery. Not something you want near your pets.

Finally, poinsettia plants are very festive, but are extremely poisonous for pets. It’s not worth having in your house!

We hope you enjoyed our ideas and that you have a safe, and happy Holiday season!

Written by Emily Cook from OSPCA.


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