Pet Warmers: Your Cute Pets in Sweaters and Socks

Baby, it’s cold outside! Enjoy the following pictures of your pets dressed in warm clothes and holiday accessories.

Lucky the cat is making us feel pretty lucky, indeed!

This is Leo aka “Little Tyke.” He is posing with Santa, who happens to be Sara, the Founder of Blue HAWK (Helping Animals With Kindness)! Leo was rescued by Sara in the median of highway 9 in Norman, OK. He fell in love with Sara’s 97 year old dad and Sara, but barely tolerates anyone else. He is a cutie though and has found his “Forever Home.”

This toy poodle is named CHIO. She is 3 years old.† She is the most loving little dog ever, Diana says. She also thinks she’s the boss, loves chasing birds, thinks everyone (animal or human) is her friend including moving cars, bikes etc.† She loves to run on the beach like a torpedo and enjoys destroying children’s sandcastles, loves playing with her stuffed animals and puts them to bed every night to sleep with her, loves travel, hiking, going to the mall, loves snuggling and napping on the couch with her daddy.

Bauer in his Christmas socks in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. He is a very patient dog and let’s us dress him up, Thelma says. He is an Australian Shepherd and rings a bell when he needs to go out.

Pablo (age 6, on the left) and Tegan (age 3, on the right) live in Salem, OR. Tegan and Pablo love being wth each other. They always sleep side by side, and when one gets up, they both do. Pablo’s favorite toy is a little white dirty ball. Tegan likes to chew on a piece of belt or strings on someone’s pants.

“The heavens parted on July 26, 2009, and Percy was henceforth delivered into the world,” Ann said. She had been searching for a pet for two years since moving to Austin, TX and then saw his picture online-he was up for adoption. The ad said his mother was part Siamese and his father was a traveling salesman. Percy was raised with three Yorkie terriers, and is convinced he’s a dog. He only plays with dog toys, and his favorite is a squeaky stuffed bone bigger than he is. He likes long walks on his leash, and quiet evenings in front of the fire. Don’t gaze too long into his hypnotic amber eyes, or you will succumb to his powerful charms.

This is Magnum, Dawn’s 13 Ĺ year old ‘Chocolate Love’. “He has given me 13 years of Lovin Chistmasís and every year he gets a special Christmas collar,” Dawn says. Magnum and Dawn live in Albuquerque, NM.

Zoey in 2006 with her favorite toy reindeer. Zo was a very lovable, very cross-eyed, Maine Coon. She lost her battle with Lymphoma earlier this month, but her reindeer remains a holiday decoration!

Bogey lives in Flower Mound, Texas.† He is 17 Ĺ and has always been such a good pup for posing for the annual Christmas card.† His brother, Quakie, lived to be 16 Ĺ.† Quake wasn’t as cooperative for the annual event, according to mom Sherri; in fact, Bogey scolded him every December as if to say, “Sit still–this only happens once a year, and besides, we get treats afterwards!”

“Here in Belize, we don’t have snow,” Carolyn says.† But Maggie’s all decked out in her “jingle collar,” ready to accompany the school kids’ Christmas caroling. She knows how to “shake and jingle” on cue and loves to join in.

Banjo is a six month old Christmas enthusiast from Forestville, California.

This chihuahua’s first bark EVER came when he saw his massive pile of
wrapped presents!

He is patrolling the Christmas tree area in this photo, keeping an eye on
his gifts, and patiently awaiting opening them.

Ms. Coco Chanel is a† Shiatsu/Yorkie mix.† She is 8 months old and our precious† 7 lb ball of fur, Sheila says.† Like her human mommy, she is into purses with lot’s of bling! She is spoiled rotten and will only pose for photo’s if offered a treat, in this case it† was a candy cane which was taken back as fast as it took to snap the photo.† Her best bud is our 12 month old Yorkie named Yoyo. It’s amazing how much noise two little doggies can make while playing. Her favorite passtime is dumping her toy basket while pulling out every single thing in it.† It seems whatever she’s looking for is always the very last item.

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Ana Passos
Past Member 5 years ago

sorry hate this stuff, except for a few, they don't seem to appreciate those vests, specially cats. They always make bored faces.

Jeffrey Fletcher
Jeffrey Fletcher6 years ago

Chio is beautiful! And apparently pretty smart too!

Jeffrey Fletcher
Jeffrey Fletcher6 years ago

He's cute! I'm glad he was able to adopt an owner!

tetyana polischuk
tetyana p6 years ago

Sooo cute!!!!

Lara Kinast
Lara K6 years ago

Very cute!

brittany h.
brittany h6 years ago

All of these are so cute, they made my day. I have a dog that likes to wear t-shirts.

Douglas S.
Douglas S6 years ago


Debbie Crowe
Debbie C6 years ago

All of our cats are inside only, so they don't need sweaters or socks. They curl up on us to get warm. LOL.

My sister dresses up her little Terrier in all sorts of stuff and he is adorable.

I have to say these pictures are all so cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

Sally S.
Sally S6 years ago

socks are a great idea... ice melt burns sores into the pads of their little paws.

Jon Hoy
Jonjon H6 years ago

My chihuahua loves sweaters and coats. He has his own personal dresser drawer with all his stuff in it and he knows which drawer is his and always gets excited when he sees me get a sweater for him or a summer t-shirt. He will walk around prancing like a hot muncho man showing off.