Petition to Label GMOs Filed With the FDA

A legal petition has been filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The petition is calling for the FDA to label genetically engineered foods.

Genetically engineered (GE) foods, also referred to as genetically modified, or GMOs, are the foods that have been altered unnaturally, at the molecular level. One stark example is how the genes of the flounder fish have been mixed into tomatoes so that the tomato would be resistant to cold temperatures.

A large majority of the meat in the U.S. is raised on GMO feed, therefore causing the meat to contain GMOs. Also, the majority of processed foods contain GMOs. This is due to the fact that corn and soy are the two most prevalent genetically engineered crops and they are used in most processed foods and animal feeds.

Currently, the FDA does not require any package labeling of GMOs. Consumers have no choice when it comes to the ingredients in the foods they purchase; they may be feeding their family GMOs, there’s no way for them to know.

The practice of GMOs is still relatively new and studies lean both directions in regard to the safety and health of humans consuming GMOs. Regardless where the studies fall, this is more of an issue of rights than anything else. How can it be legal to forbid us from knowing what we’re putting into our bodies?

Labeling puts the choice in the consumer’s hands, not the government. Label requirements exist in many places around the world including Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and 15 European Union nations. However, citizens of “the land of the free” don’t get the opportunity to know what they’re eating currently.

A recent ABC poll gathered that 93 percent of the American public wants the feds to make the labeling of GMOs mandatory. The news network even stated that the near unanimous opinion is rare.

It is rare to see so many come together in agreement, that high percentage speaks volumes for how that public feels about this topic. Even if one chooses to pollute their body with highly processed fast food, the stark facts about fat and calories are posted on the restaurant wall. Why isn’t this the case for GMOs? We have a right to know what we’re eating.

Let your government hear you. Sign the petition and tell the FDA to “Just Label It!”

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Shirley Plowman
Shirley P3 years ago

The most important fact in all this GMO/Monsanto/chemicals/pesticides in our GMO foods now has been accomplished in a short amount of time without all us citizens in the USA being informed of what was going on and just whom would be in charge of informing the USA public about it all and sharing with all Americans before the GMOs hit the food store shelves Exactly What Was In All GMO foods!!!!!! This means that all our Rights as American citizens have been stolen from us, right under our noses, by those who would destroy America by corruption and incredible wealth to buy off everyone who may not agree with Monsanto. This is a real Crisis. We're on our way to losing everything that made America America, this is not what our forefathers designed for the country of America some years ago. I am fearful that the good have been destroyed and the "bad" are now in power and control. All in America!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn C.
Lynn C4 years ago


Ram Reddy
Ram Reddy4 years ago


Rudolf Affolter
Past Member 5 years ago

We have every right to know what is in our food. What is the GMO lobby afraid of if they are so safe?

Victoria Udnaes
Victoria Heby5 years ago

Anyway, if people care about this or not, they do have the right to know what`s in their food... we all have the right to information.

Dale Overall

People around the world have the right to know if GMO foods are sold. There are some who don't worry about these things but they are in the minority. Monsanto hopes that within thirty years its tentacles will stretch everywhere and that naturally grown foods will be a thing of the past.

Charli S.
Charlotte S5 years ago

The problem is that the government doesn't give a crap that a majority of people want something. If they did the issue of abortion would be dead and every woman would have a clear cut right to do with her body as she wishes (a majority of Americans support a woman's right to choose), a majority of Americans want election reform, they want less money wasted...the problem is our government isn't fearful of us. I hope everyone here votes.

federico bortoletto
federico b5 years ago

Petizione firmata,grazie.

Angela N.
Angela N5 years ago


Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago

Signed previously. Thanks.