A Dog’s Plea: ‘Don’t Pat My Head If You Don’t Know Me’

I recently read a facebook status update written by a friend that read, “Please don’t touch my preggo tummy if you don’t know me.” I assume most pregnant women want to carry around a sign with those words. I also imagine that most dogs want to carry around a sign that reads, “Please don’t pat my head if you don’t know me.”

While most dogs don’t like being pat on the head, my dog, Sanchez, REALLY doesn’t like it. He often ducks and backs up, even from me – and I’m the person that cares for him, lives with him, loves him, trains with him, feeds him, and is his partner in everything dog. I’ve clicker trained him to tolerate it, as I know strangers will do it no matter what. His very large head is just a magnet to a human hand.

When greeting an unfamiliar dog, it is always best to:

1) Ask permission from their person

2) Let the dog make contact first.

3) Make small, slow movements. Rushing up to a dog could make him fearful.

4) Slowly pet him on the chest, underneath his head, instead of reaching over his head (which can be very threatening to a dog).

Does your dog like having his head pat by strangers? How about by you? Thank you for clicking on “comment” below and sharing your experiences.

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joyce D.
J D4 years ago

I always offer my hand to the dogs nose first if it's a dog I haven't met before.

Mar-yannu Hathory

great article. I so agree, pregnancies, dog heads ... and how about babies & strangers moving in so close to their faces!!!! back off, people. of course, I've been pregnant, I have dogs, and treat infants with the same respect and space that I want!

Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 5 years ago

thank you for the interesting article 8/7

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H.6 years ago

It reminds me of the person who thought he would get on with me by giving my horse a hefty pat on the nose. No! Hefty pats are OK on the neck, but the sensitive nose of a horse needs stroking gently. He didn't noticew her wincing, but I did.

Christine Jones
Christine J6 years ago

Very sensible advice. I'm lucky; my dogs will take any amount of patting, anywhere, any time.

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright6 years ago


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Dorothy Black
Dorothy Black6 years ago

Good advice. Didn't know about patting the chest, makes sense.Thanks.

Richard F.
Richard F.6 years ago

I've never had a problem with this. I think maybe your dog has been hit on the head by someone, I do hope it wasn't you.

I must admit I always offer my hand to the dogs nose first if it's a dog I haven't met before.

Charlotte Wolfe
Charlotte Wolfe6 years ago

I never knew that. I will greet them differently.

Cynthia C.
Cynthia C6 years ago

Good advice. Not only is it better for the dogs-but it might prevent bites.