Police Officer Helps Ducklings Cross Freeway (Video)

Here’s a feel-good story for your afternoon: a police officer in Washington State spotted a mother duck and her young ducklings trying to cross SR-512 during the morning rush hour. In order to ensure that they crossed safely, he temporarily slowed/stopped trafficóand gave them a police escort all the way to the other side!



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Rebeca Steinberg
Rebeca S5 years ago

Wow! I loved it. It's so good to know there are still caring people :-)

Eric Luu
Eric Luu5 years ago

There are some good people in this world.

Nady Tzortzidou
nady Tzortzidou5 years ago

Loved it ! great guys !

Beverley Covert
Beverley Covert5 years ago

You and your partner are AWESOME!!!! This is exactley the kind of example and conduct ALL Law enforcement should emulate, towards animals and people. You definatly followed the code "To Serve and Protect" Way to go you guys!!! :)

Susan P.
Susan P5 years ago

There are good people that care about pets and wildlife. A very heartwarming story. In a time of so much pet abuse, it is so refreshing to see the hearts of good people. Ducks have a special place in my heart. Sometimes a Mama Mallard lay her eggs in a strange place and must march her sweet babies for a long while to get to water. I have rescued baby Mallards a couple of times. The last time MaMa layed her eggs in an Industrial Park of cement and Semi's. My daughter worked at one of the buildings and called me. I told her to see if she can find them. If we could get MaMa and babies we can get all of them to a lake. My daughter tried to find them and couldn't. That afternoon MaMa Mallard brought her babies right to my daughter's building where she works. MaMa took her babies up a couple of small steps to the door of the building and started quacking. Amazing, she seemed to know that her babies would die and she would to. My daughter carefully went to the door. Mama flew. They are pretty smart. It was like she was saying "Please save my babies. They are dieing and I have to fly to water". My daughter got all of the babies so I worked with them. They were so weak and dehydrated. I didn't want them to imprint on me because I wanted them to be free.I tried to teach them as much as I could finding bugs and worms in the grass and diving in water. I used feeder fish in water to stimulate their diving. When they fully feathered they all flew. Such a wonderful

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

Ha, a true hero!

Carolanne Powell
C P5 years ago

This copper deserves a badge of honour! WellDone!!

Beverly G.
bev g5 years ago

oh this is so lovely, lukky for them the nice man was there to help. What a lovely kind Policeman to do this. Humanity and the cup of kindness for a change

Past Member
clare r5 years ago

how lovely to see this. ducks do seem to have an inbuilt death wish sometimes.

Kamryn M.
Kay M5 years ago

wish i could share this with friends, but most have trouble getting videos on this website to play (as do i).