Poor Diet Lowers Intelligence in Kids

What your kid eats has a direct impact on their brain development—that’s a no-brainer. But, have you ever actually wondered how the modern, highly-processed diet is affecting our kids?

That’s right, the foods you feed your child, especially through age 3, have a direct impact on later brain development. A recent study conducted using data from almost 4,000 children demonstrated that 3-year-olds who were generally fed a diet high in fats, sugars and processed foods had significantly lower IQs when they turned 8 1/2. Correspondingly, children fed more nutrient-rich foods during their toddler years generally demonstrated higher IQ scores around the age of 8. If your child isn’t getting the nutrients he or she needs from natural foods, it seems to have a direct and significant effect on their intelligence later on. Even worse, it was suggested that an improvement in diet after age 3 may not be enough to increase IQ scores later on.

The average American diet is comprised of about 70 percent processed foods. That’s a whopping figure. That leaves only 30 percent of the diet for nutrient-rich produce—far too low of a number. Not only is this type of diet leading to rises in diabetes and obesity in adults and children, it is affecting children’s intelligence as well. The toddler years are paramount for brain health, and many kids aren’t getting their fair shot because of their parents’ poor dietary choices. With many parents opting for processed foods because of their cost-effectiveness, this is worrisome.

Kids need all the dietary nutrients they can get to ensure healthy development. Diets that are reliant on processed foods—even ‘healthy’ ones—cannot accommodate those needs in the same way unprocessed, natural foods can. Think you can’t afford to feed your family mostly natural foods? Think again. Try these 25 great tips for saving money while eating healthy. And in the meantime, keep track of what’s going into your grocery basket—before you buy another box of cinnamon sugar graham crackers for your toddler, consider the affect on your child’s brain.

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