Popular Diet Plan Gives Vegetarians a Chance

Medifast has gained credibility for being a legitimate, clinically-proven method of losing weight. Meanwhile, vegetarianism is seeing an increase in popularity as well. As Medifast becomes more popular, vegetarians wanting to lose weight may seek the meal-delivery system as a viable weight loss option.

Though individuals on any specialized diet may have concerns about the usability of a program like Medifast, the Medifast program does support a variety of diet needs including Kosher, lactose free, and vegetarian. There are enough options available to allow a certain amount of customization for an individual’s diet. According to information from Medifast, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has suggested that fortified foods like the meals from Medifast are valuable for meat-free weight loss and maintenance.

A big challenge vegetarians following the Medifast program will face is the number of carbohydrates they will consume while on the program. Many vegetarians eat a diet high in carbohydrates and could have a difficult time adjusting to the low-carb foods provided in the delivered meals and snacks.

Vegetarians who are thinking about starting Medifast should be sure to check out the vegetarian guide on the program’s website. In recent years Medifast has made an effort to become a realistic weight loss option for these individuals. Vegetarian-friendly changes that have been made include introducing new vegetarian meal options. The guide lists foods that are not only meatless, but also outlines which foods contain no milk, no eggs, or neither. Also included is a list of low-carb alternatives to meat that can be part of the Lean and Green meal prepared by the dieter.

Even though Medifast has made it easier for vegetarians to follow the program, people following a vegan diet will still have trouble. Only a limited amount of food options contain no meat, eggs or dairy products. Medifast states that their meals are not appropriate for those following a vegan lifestyle.


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By Elizabeth Simmons for DietsInReview.com


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