Post Easter Hangover: What To Do With All This Candy?

Unlike other holidays, like Christmas or even Halloween, Easter in inexplicably rife with candy, and so, so, much of it. In particular abundance are chocolate crème eggs and those ubiquitous “peeps” that look as if they are resurrected every year with a new dye job. There is nothing wholesome, or even all that holiday relevant, about these confections, and their deliciousness is equally in question. So, invariably, once Easter Sunday has come and gone, there are surplus Peeps and crème eggs hanging around – like lingering party guests who had passed out in your guest room and can’t be woken.

Thankfully there is still a bit of potential fun left in these sweets. Normally I wouldn’t condone the destruction or wasting of food, but really, can we honestly say that Cadbury Crème Eggs and Peeps are actual food? The answer would be an emphatic “no!”

Washington D.C., while more notably known for being the home of our federal government, is also host to the annual Peep Show (which is in its fifth year). This is a fairly artistic and creative way to utilize the glut of peeps out there by creating impressive and amusing dioramas starring a slew of primary colored Peeps. The winning entry this year was one called the “Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue,” which recreated last year’s rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners with a particular attention to detail:

Next: Cadbury Eggs

If you have run out of Peeps and Cadbury Eggs are all you have, then send them over to the University of Nottingham, where physicists are standing by with a series of physics and impact tests ready to destroy, mutilate, or simply crack even the most resilient chocolate crème egg:

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Lynn Demsky
Lynn D5 years ago

Interesting.....but sure seems kind of like a waste of time! Thanks!

ANA MARIJA R5 years ago

copy&paste Reade H.

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago


Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener6 years ago


May Howie
may Howie6 years ago


Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

I didn't give my son any Easter Candy. He still has more than half of what he got at Halloween. And this was AFTER I gave about half of what he got for Halloween to the homeless shelter...

Marina L.
Marina L6 years ago

I think we eat WAY too much candy AFTER Easter

Holly S.
Holly S.6 years ago


Paula Hurley
.6 years ago

I didn't buy it, so have none! YEA

Robin G.
robin g6 years ago

I wonder why holidays are such problems for us. All they seem to do is provide us with one more excuse to over-consume - gifts, food, and waste. We spend too much, and now we're wondering what to do with too much candy? Just don't buy it! How is it a religiously relevant celebration to eat sugar?