Harness the Power of Color in Your Bathroom

Color affects us physically, psychologically, and emotionally, and bathtubs are a traditional place to soak in water that has been tinted to attain a desired mood or spirit purpose. But using color–that potent tool for healing, self-transformation, and growth–shouldn’t just be for bathers.

Here are some great ways to harness the power of color in your bathroom–even if you prefer taking showers! Find out the special attributes of several colors, and learn how to put them to work for you in your bathroom, here:

To make a therapeutic color experience in your bathroom, even if you’re showering:

1. Buy a lightbulb in the color you desire and insert it in your bathroom fixture, or in a shaded lamp for use during your bath or shower. (Please be sure it is a safe distance from the water.)

2. Candles are soothing and beautiful, and the flickering candlelight can bring a sense of peace and serenity to the room. Choose candles in the colors that promote the mood you desire.

3. If you are bathing, a few drops of natural food coloring in the bathwater can tint the water to a gentle hue without affecting your skin. (See Hints below for some great online sources of all-natural food coloring.)

4. You can also paint a wall the color you need, or bring in paintings or photographs with the desired color predominating. A shower curtain in the right color will work, too.

5. Soaps and towels in the approriate color are also effective.

Color Attributes

RED increases vitality and energy. This color is traditionally considered the seat of life-force energy; it is invigorating, vital, and activating.

ORANGE is cheerful, working as an antidepressant and creating a happy environment. Use orange when you need to facilitate the process of letting go. Orange can relax mind and body and loosen areas of stress.

YELLOW has a detaching quality, creating a lack of involvement. It is uplifting, but a large amount of the hue induces nervousness and tension and can be disorienting or perplexing. Yellow has been known to distort perspective.

GREEN can increase your energy without scattering it. It promotes sound judgment, stability, and physical equilibrium.

TURQUOISE is soothing, inviting interest and easing tension. This color helps release anxiety while providing support. Turquoise is refreshing and stimulating.

BLUE is a relaxing color. It invites communication, meditation, and balance by calming the body and mind. Because blue creates softness, it is best used in stress-related areas such as the office.

VIOLET promotes self-confidence and love and concern for others. Use violet in meditation and prayer, or whenever you need to concentrate. It is the center of self-respect and pride and expresses individuality. Inner balance, silence, and relaxation are all aided by violet. A mind-balancing color, it helps you unburden and protect yourself. But violet is also an aphrodisiac and is widely used to promote festivity.

MAGENTA helps to raise energy levels. This color is impervious and forceful and is used to stimulate and inspire. Magenta brings self-respect, dignity, and composure by aiding and promoting concentration. It is also the color of spiritual love.

Adapted from Blissful Bathtimes, by Margo Valentine Lazzara (Storey Books, 2002). Copyright (c) 2002 by Margo Valentine Lazzara. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from Blissful Bathtimes, by Margo Valentine Lazzara (Storey Books, 2002).


Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

to each their own.

Betty P.
Betty P.7 years ago

I recently painted my bathroom a light green and I have to agree with: "green, can increase your energy without scattering it. It promotes sound judgment, stability, and physical equilibrium." Great article. http://sutton.able-plumbing.co.uk

Victoria S.
Past Member 9 years ago

Very nice article, loved it, thank you for the informations.

Lynda L.
Lynda L9 years ago

I did my Bathroom over in a beautiful yellow and found it very relaxing, instead of the "minty green"it was, which made me feel cold, as did the white before that, and the off color tan it was before I bought this house?. Perhaps detachment in there is a good thing, to relax alone and unwind in a tub.

lisa m.
lisa m10 years ago

does anyone have tip on secondary or tertiary colors like burgundy?